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Terra’s 3 Balloon B2P




We were fortune enough to have Terra do a three balloon blow to pop for us. She rarely does them, so we had to share the experience with you. Her reactions are amazing and hilarious! VERY natural and genuine.

“But isn’t it so much fun just waiting for that suspenseful moment when it finally pops.” Terra talks about the anticipation of waiting for a balloon to pop as she stretches the latex to her first 12″ balloon. Once the latex is stretched, she inflates it with her hot breath and watches as it expands. As it grows huge, she becomes nervous and anxious for it to explode. When she least expects it, the balloon shatters between her hands, taking her completely off guard!

With the loud explosion of the last balloon, Terra becomes nervous as she inflates her next one. “It’s so big, I know it’s gonna blow!” she smiles. The blue balloon becomes so tight and full that with just one more breath, it explodes, and she screams.

“I will do one more…one more!” she laughs. She blows a few breaths into a green balloon, and then slides her fingertips against the squeaky latex. As the balloon grows bigger, the air inside of it shifts to make the neck longer. Scared, she closes her eyes, “Aw, man…this is bigger than all the other ones!” With one touch to the latex, the balloon shatters, and Terra falls back laughing.

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Terra’s 3 Balloon B2P