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Stroke It, Daddy, to Our Wet Diapers




Hi, Daddy! I missed you. Do you have a present for us? Daddy, I was…I was a bad girl. We…we…we had an accident. My diaper feels really thick and really heavy. It’s really wet…swelled up right on my crotch.

Daddy, Daddy…I see something in your pants. I do, too. Hehe. Daddy, what is that? Do you like it when we have accidents in our diapers? Can I…can I touch it? It’s hard!

Daddy, um…are you going to jerk off? That’s how you get rid of that thing, right? Will you take it out for me? I wanna see it. I like when you put it in your hand. What’s that stuff on the end dripping? Here, Daddy…will this help you?

Yeah, Daddy, jerk off…pleaaasssseee! Uh oh, I think I might have another accident. Daddy, why are you jerking it harder? Do you like it when I have accidents? I think I’m gonna pee myself. I’m trying to hold it in, but I don’t think I can. AHHHH, that’s so warm! And it made my diaper even bigger. Now it’s thicker, all swollen, all puffy. Look, Daddy, look at how puffy it is!

Your little girls giggle, and encourage you to stroke your cock as they shake their rattle toys. They show off their thick, diapered butts, jiggling them for your pleasure.

They tell you how thick and swollen their diapers are from multiple accidents, and how good it feels on their crotch. The pig-tailed girls smile as they press their wet diapers onto their bodies, and beg you to stroke for them.

Once you finally erupt, they get so excited that they ask to lick the milk from your cock. Happy and smiling, they ask if you can give them a diaper change.

This clip includes: your two little girls, babies drinking from bottle, diaper, wet diapers, accident, girls notice you are turned on from their swollen and thick diapers, masturbation encouragement, playing with rattle toys, girls have an accident while you are jerking off, crotch rubbing, showing off diaper, shaking butt in diaper, virtual licking Daddy’s milk, girls ask you to change their diaper, POV, pigtails, cute baby voices, redhead, blond

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Stroke It, Daddy, to Our Wet Diapers

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