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Forced Anal on Virgin Asshole (Real First Time Anal)




Not only is this my first anal scene, it is my first EVER anal experience. I’ve done no anal training whatsoever, nor ever masturbated anally. This scene was very real for me. Hope you enjoy my first time!

Fifi stays on a routine schedule. When she’s done working, she goes out to a local park to exercise and jog. After a tiring workout, she comes home to see her roommate standing in front of her.

“Hey, Wayne. How was your day? Is that water for me?” He hands her the glass of water, and she thanks him. “Did you know I was working out?” She fans herself, and then takes a big drink of the water. After a few seconds, she starts to feel weird and dizzy. Her eyes roll and flutter, “I don’t feel so good. I feel…dizzy.” She says she needs to lay down, but before she can, she p.asses out and lands on the couch.

The roommate picks her up and throws her onto the bed. He undresses her, manipulating and moving her limbs, and then gropes her bare tits. He takes a pair of handcuffs and binds her hands to one another. He continues to take off her panties and rub her clit. In the middle of groping her, she wakes up confused and scared. “Wayne, what are you doing!?”

Fifi attempts to push herself away, pleading and begging him not to do anything. Without a word, he pulls out his cock and moves it toward her mouth. She cries, “I don’t want to. Please, please don’t make me.” He forces his cock into her mouth and guides her head up and down.

She gags, jerking herself back and spitting, but he continues to move her mouth over his cock. He face-fucks her, grabbing onto her ponytail, and she coughs with exhaustion. The roommate sits on top of her and shoves his cock back into her mouth.

Satisfied, he flips her over and rubs her clit. Fifi protests, “Please stop.” He spreads her cheeks and touches her asshole. As he begins to push his hard cock into her tight asshole, she begs for him to stop. She tells him she’s never done anal, and she’s scared it’s going to hurt.

The roommate ignores her, slowly entering her as she cries in pain. He thrusts her doggystyle, penetrating his cock further into her small hole. After a couple minutes, he flips her over, and she begs for him to stop. “Stop, Wayne, please, please. It hurts so much. Please don’t put it in there.”

He enters her ass missionary style, and begins thrusting slowly. After a bit, he speeds up, pumping faster into her newly stretched hole. She whines as his whole cock goes inside her, and once he’s ready to cum, he pulls her to her knees. He jerks his cock and erupts all over her face and into her hair. Defeated, she cries and begs to be released, but instead of freeing her, he leaves the room.

This clip includes: Fifi Foxx, roommate puts something in her drink, eye rolling/fluttering, dizzy, she p.asses out, carries her to bed and undresses her, sports bra and yoga pants, spandex, limp fetish, gropes tits, rubs clit and pussy, handcuffs her hands, bondage, bound, she wakes up, forced blowjob, face-fucking, hair pulling, rough, gagging, spit/drool, struggling, begging/pleading, crying, forced anal, has never done anal, tight asshole, doggystyle and missionary anal, bondage sex (anal), stretching asshole, runny makeup, huge cumshot, facial, male domination, first time anal, hardcore, XXX, POV

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Forced Anal on Virgin Asshole (Real First Time Anal)

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