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Mom’s Big Tits


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This clip offers a very natural, realistic experience between mom and son.

Mom wanted to get away for a while. She took me on a road trip with her, and each night, we stayed at a cheap hotel until we headed out the next day.

She was relaxing, watching TV, when I noticed her big, beautiful breasts. Well, I’ve noticed them plenty of times before, but this time, she caught me staring at them. “What are you doing?” she lifted my head up. I couldn’t help it. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and my eyes were practically mesmerized by the things. I’d never seen bare tits in real life before.

“You know what tits look like, right? Why are you looking at me like that? You’ve seen tits before. You’re old enough…” she lifted my head up again. I hadn’t. Only in magazines, but never in real life. I think it shocked her because she changed her tone.

She said she wanted to help me, as a sort of educational thing, in case I were ever in a situation with a girl. She sat up, “And for one, you’re not supposed to gawk at them…ugh, seriously!”

Mom continued to explain how you’re supposed to touch tits by gently pressing her fingertips against hers. I was rock hard. Then she lifted her shirt, and exposed her big tits to me for the first time. She let me squeeze and hold them, and taught me how to play with them.

“I know you haven’t sucked on Mommy’s tits since you were an infant, but if you want to give it a try…” Holy shit, was this really happening? Of course I wanted to try. I must have been doing something right because she started getting flustered. She found excuses for me to keep touching her, and I swear I felt like I was going to erupt right then.

She looked at me with seductive eyes, “I want you to fuck me. I mean, who better to teach you than me?” She slid her panties off and laid back. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I put my hard cock inside her, and felt her wet, tight pussy wrap around it. I pounded her as hard as I could, and watched her big tits bounce with each thrust. I had never been so turned on in my life. Even hearing her moan drove me crazy, and soon, I filled her pussy with my cum.

This clip includes: Lylah Ryder, mom/son, virtual and POV experience, vacation, big tits, mom teaches son, educational, nipple and tit play, nipple and tit licking/sucking, virtual sex (missionary)

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Mom’s Big Tits


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