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Double Footjob Sleepover




Tonight was my big sleepover. I was telling my best friend, Mina, all about my new crush at school. I was nervous about asking him out, but Mina insisted, saying I should ask him in a letter. I was so nervous, but I decided I was going to do it.

What a perfect night. It was almost time for bed. I was tired, and my feet were freezing. I never go to bed without my socks. My feet always get so cold at night. I asked Mina if she had seen my socks, but she couldn’t remember. I thought I took them off in my room, but they weren’t in there. I asked Mina if she could help me find them.

We checked a few rooms, but couldn’t find them. I know I didn’t misplace them. When we walked into the living room, I couldn’t believe what I saw. My brother was sniffing our shoes and socks! I was so grossed out, but Mina thought it was hilarious.

Of course my brother tried to deny it, but he was blushing and being overly defensive. He tried to hand us our stuff back, but of course I didn’t take it; he probably spent all night jerking off with it.

Mina wanted to have some fun with him, though. Was she…serious? She sat down beside him and told me to do the same. She put her little foot on his face, and he actually sniffed it! When I tried it, he did the same thing. He even licked it. He actually liked our feet.

We rubbed our feet all over his body, and Mina slid her foot against his cock. What was she thinking? I only joined in because I wanted to see how hard we could get him. Mina pulled down his pants after I felt a bulge, and his cock was throbbing.

I nervously touched it with my toes, and soon Mina joined in. We shared his cock, putting one foot each against his shaft, and stroked him together. We let him feel every part of our feet, jerking him in different ways, and even with our toes. Sometimes we let our soles and toes rub against his balls.

I know he loved it because he erupted all over Mina’s tiny feet. We giggled, and I slid my feet against her cum-covered soles, making mine wet as well.

You know what…I think I’m just going to get a different pair of socks. He can keep the other ones–he might need them more than me.

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Double Footjob Sleepover

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