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My Big Tits Make You Weak




What are you looking at? Hey, my eyes are up here. That’s right. Are you too busy checking out my new titties? Yes, I stress…they’re new. Don’t they look…good? Kinda mesmerizing, aren’t they?

You love them. You’d love to worship them. You want my big titties, don’t you?

Mm…watching big boobies go bouncy, bouncy makes you weak. Jiggling them, playing with them…drops you to your knees. They’re so big and round, and squishy. The ever so slightest touch drives you insane, and you want more.

But I’m not going to give you a show. You can worship them through this black, lacy bra.

Your cock throbs for my 32Fs. It begs for my perfect cleavage and my caressing touch. With an aching cock like that, it’s such a shame you only get to watch.

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My Big Tits Make You Weak