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She-Hulk RAGE




Alexis is a huge fitness fanatic. Obsessed with getting the best body possible, she’s invested in some pills online that guarantee to give her the perfect, muscular body she desires.

The pills have proven to work flawlessly, hyping her up at the gym, and making her feel like she can lift anything without restriction. They’ve given her a “gym rage” that leaves her body shaking after a good workout. As with any pills, however, they do come with side effects. One of those side effects includes becoming easily irritable.

Still shaken up from the pills, she hopes her boyfriend will come over soon to help her relax. She pulls out her phone to text him, but sees a message on the screen that immediately upsets her. He’s broken up with her over text message, which only further infuriates her.

Her hands start to shake uncontrollably, “A text? He couldn’t even come to my FUCKING house or call me?” She grunts and growls, becoming more and more upset as she thinks about it. “I can’t believe this. I can’t calm down right now. FUCKING ASSHOLE just broke up with me.”

Her skin starts to turn green. Alexis rips her shirt in half, and her muscles tense. “THE RAGE. Holy shit, my fucking muscles are growing.” She tries to figure out what’s going on, why it’s happening, but she is unable to think straight. Her arms and abs define, and as she continues to think about the break-up text, her calves grow.

Her back tenses, and she becomes stronger at the thought of snapping his body in half. Her arms tighten, exposing her veins, and she flexes her built body. Assuming he’s left her for another woman, she heads out to take care of them both.

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She-Hulk RAGE