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The Perfect, Robot Wife: Obedient, Mindless, and Controlled


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My wife used to be amazing. Over the years, it’s almost like she’s turned hostile towards me. We don’t get along anymore, and she can’t stand being around me. If I don’t do something soon, I feel like our marriage will fall apart.

I work, I pay all of the bills, but when I ask her to do something simple, like make me dinner, she goes on a huge rant. Like every man, I just want a perfect wife.

I placed a chip on her neck while she was bitching. Her head fell down, and her eyes closed. After a moment, her head lifted, and her eyes stared straight; she looked completely different. I waved my hand in front of her face, “Hello?”

I called her “Wifebot,” in which she replied, “Yes, Master.” She smiled at me, her outfit now consisting of a revealing top, flowery skirt, and heels. I hadn’t seen her dress like that in years.

I explained to her that she was completely under my control. What would I do with my new robot wife? I commanded her to strip. With a “Yes, Master,” she slowly shifted her hips from side to side and slid her skirt down. I continued to watch as she stared straight ahead and took off her panties mindlessly.

“Freeze,” I commanded in the middle of stripping her shirt. I could make her do anything I wanted now. I groped her big tits, and she couldn’t bitch. She was absolutely perfect.

“Unfreeze.” She continued to strip down to nothing. I made her spin around, and then told her to walk across the room. I wanted to calibrate her legs. She walked in slow, jagged movements, emotionless, and with a blank stare.

She let out a soft, “Re-charge,” which I simply ignored. Freeze. I pressed her chip for a different mode. Bimbo mode. She giggled, “Yes, Master.” She smiled, grabbing her big tits, and then slowly and robotically, spread her ass cheeks. “Bimbo mode engaged, Master.”

Freeze. She stood stiff, frozen in place, and unblinking. She was completely obedient. Unfreeze. I wanted to keep testing her out. She repeated, “Sys-tem over-load.” Sh1t! I pressed the chip on her neck, but it didn’t work.

Her body started giving inappropriate responses, moving on its own, and malfunctioning. “Sys-tem over-load, sys-tem over-load.” Her head jerked from side to side, faster and faster, as her words sped up. Before I knew it, her eyes closed, and her head fell down.

She was unresponsive. I tried multiple commands, but nothing worked. Did I break her?! I even tried holding in her chip, but that didn’t help. I should have read the manual. Fuck, I needed to call a technician.

This clip includes: Bella Ink, Aiden Valentine, bitchy wife to perfect robot wife, chip on neck, new look, robotic speech, jagged/stiff robotic movement, wide eyes, blank stare, obedient, controlled, mindless, freeze and unfreeze, stripping, tit groping, bimbo mode, repeated words and phrases, broken movement in malfunction, violent head movement, shut down, special fx

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The Perfect, Robot Wife: Obedient, Mindless, and Controlled