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Harley Quinn and the Henchman vs Bat Girl: Brainwashing and Controlling the Bat




This clip is PACKED with sound effects and special effects for a more enjoyable and realistic experience. One of our favorite videos by far!

Harley Quinn whispers to her henchman, “I think she’s here.” She watches as Bat Girl enters through a window, unknowingly falling into her trap. Bat Girl looks around cautiously, eager and anxious to find Harley. “Bye, bye, Bat Girl,” Harley whispers, and throws down a smoke bomb in front of her.

Bat Girl coughs and gasps for air, struggling to breathe through the smoke. She waves her hands in front of her face, but the clouds of smoke are too thick. She falls to the ground and attempts to crawl through it, but becomes weaker by the second. Eventually the smoke becomes too much for Bat Girl, and she passes out.

“Oh, did we get her? We caught a bat, didn’t we!? Mr. J is going to be so proud of me!” Harley says with a big smile. “I caught a Bat Girl, I caught a Bat Girl. Ha, ha, ha! Well, let’s have some fun with her!” She claps her hands excitedly.

The henchman bends down to make sure Bat Girl is knocked out. He moves her limp body, and then throws her over his shoulder. “Come on, stupid!” Harley yells. He places her on a chair, and then ties her up under Harley’s command. The henchman wheels over a brainwashing device and places it directly over Bat Girl’s head. “Time to turn it on! Ha, ha, ha!” Harley squeals.

The henchman twists the knob and the machine slowly begins brainwashing Bat Girl. Her body twitches and shakes, and Harley is thrilled. Bat Girl tries to fight it, and eventually, starts to free herself from the binds. Harley panics, looking over at the henchman, “Hey! She’s…she’s getting away! Do something! I don’t know what to do!”

Harley nervously fidgets as Bat Girl uses all of her strength to stand up. She cracks her knuckles and punches the henchman, who falls straight to the floor. Harley screams for him to get up, but before he can regain his composure, Bat Girl pins Harley to the wall.

She wraps her hands around Harley’s neck and chokes her, and the villain moans in pleasure. Harley stammers out, “Ch-ch-choke me harder, Daddy.” Even more angry, Bat Girl uses all of her strength, and Harley starts to get scared as she begins blacking out. “Get up, get up!” she screams at her henchman. With enough strength to get up, the henchman points a remote control at Bat Girl, and she immediately releases Harley.

Harley giggles as Bat Girl’s head bobbles, her eyes roll back, and she falls to the floor. Bat Girl weakly says, “What’s…what’s happening to me? I can…I can hardly get up. What was that horrible device you put on me!?” Harley takes the control from the henchman and taunts Bat Girl with it, letting her reach for it, and then pulling it back from her.

“I could take full advantage of you right now…I think I will,” Harley snickers. “How about you do… a little strip dance for me.” With the press of a button, Bat Girl stands up and begins dancing. “You have no control!” Harley laughs. Unable to control her body, Bat Girl whines as she takes piece after piece off. Harley gropes her bare chest and smiles, enjoying Bat Girl’s sexy dance against her body. Bat Girl cries that it’s humiliating, and continues to undress to nothing but her mask and boots.

Satisfied at Bat Girl’s humiliation and embarrassment, Harley presses another button, “Let’s masturbate!” Bat Girl starts to rub her clit, and Harley becomes so turned on by it, that she begins masturbating as well. Harley looks over and smiles at the henchman, “You can pull out your dick, too, and stroke if you want!” Bat Girl cries and moans uncontrollably, “I would never do something like this! Oh my god, I can’t even control how good…it feels. Must…fight it.” Amused, Harley says, “Bat Girl’s a dirty little SLUT!”

(POV, virtual) Harley turns her attention to the henchman, “You know what would be fun…is if…you know how she punched you? I bet that hurt, didn’t it? Do you wanna fuck her?” She encourages the henchman to pull down his pants, and then hits a button for Bat Girl to lie back. Bat Girl is helpless, unable to move, as the henchman begins fucking her. She cries, “NOOOO… Don’t put it inside of me! Please! Stop, stop, stop!” Harley laughs, only further encouraging and demanding the henchman to fuck her harder. Harley screams at Bat Girl, “Not until he gets off! Ha, ha, ha!” Under Harley’s orders, the henchman cums inside of Bat Girl, and Harley squeals with delight.

“But who is Bat Girl?” Harley asks, looking over at her henchman. “She always wears that stupid mask.” She presses a button for Bat Girl to stand up, and another to unmask herself. Unable to control her fate, Bat Girl slowly begins to reveal herself. She cries as she takes her mask off, and Harley whispers, “It’s okay…I won’t tell anybody who you really are. Heh.” With another press of a button, Harley forces Bat Girl to walk to Mr. J herself.

This clip includes: Miss Whitney Morgan as Bat Girl, Fifi Foxx as Harley Quinn, Aiden Valentine as Harley’s henchman, superheroine/super villain, a trap for Bat Girl, smoke bomb, Bat Girl passes out, superheroine in distress, limp fetish, lift and carry, bound to a chair, rope bondage, brainwashing device, rewiring Bat Girl’s brain, mind control, eye fluttering, twitching and shaking, Bat Girl frees herself from binds, Bat Girl fighting villains, punching, choking, remote control, controls Bat Girl with the press of a button, Harley takes control of Bat Girl, strip dance, forced stripping, full nudity, fondling, masturbation, crying, humiliation and embarrassment, POV, virtual sex, forced sex, unmasking Bat Girl, special effects – fx, sound effects, Batgirl

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Harley Quinn and the Henchman vs Bat Girl: Brainwashing and Controlling the Bat

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