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Krystal Orchid – I Dream of Sex Slave Genie




Oh man…that thing was so dusty. I’m a sucker for antique looking things. Brass, glass, whatever it is…I’m a huge thrift shop buyer. You never know if something you buy is worth thousands. But even at a thrift shop, this thing cost me ten bucks.

Well, it needed to be cleaned up. I used a rag to wipe the dust off, and a cloud of smoke emerged from it. After the smoke disappeared, a young blond in a silly outfit stood in front of me. Startled, I asked, “Who are you?” She had a huge smile on her face, “I’m the genie from the bottle.”

Holy shit, no way. Isn’t this stuff in just…I don’t know, Disney movies? She said I summoned her, and I guess I did by accident? “You get three wishes.” Really? Just like in the movies! I want unlimited wishes! Wait, what? I can’t have unlimited wishes? Fine, then what can I wish for?

“You can’t wish for unlimited wishes. Rule #2: You can’t wish for sex, and you can’t make me…force anyone to love you. Can’t make you fall in love. It’s just not how it works.” Oh goddamnit. Surely there had to be some loophole. Well, I mean…Genie was pretty hot. How about a dance?

Her body automatically started moving, her hands above her head, “What…? I can’t control it. Why would you have me do something so silly?” Her hips rocked back and forth, and she gave me an uneasy look. Her body was incredible…especially for being in that bottle forever.

Hm…well, let’s spice things up a bit. “I want you to strip for me.” She had to do it, I wished for it. Her hands started unbuttoning her top without any control, “No, no, no…I can’t believe this is happening right now. Well, it’s not against the rules, and I certainly have no control over it now.” When she got fully naked, she was embarrassed. She attempted to cover her bare body with her hands, “That’s two wishes.”

Hm…what could I do for my third wish? I can’t wish for sex, and I’m really turned on. How about a blowjob? That’s not sex! Humiliated, she said, “That’s…that’s still in the ballpark, though.” Oh wait, I got it! “I wish you were horny.”

She gave me a surprised face, “What!?” and then immediately dropped to her knees, “Oh, Master…oh, Master. Oh, please fuck me, Master. I’m so uncontrollably horny, Master.” She sat up on the couch and spread her soft legs, exposing her shaven pussy. ” I can’t help myself. What is happening? Oh, Master…I’ve never felt like this before.” My cock was rock hard, and I was going to fuck the hell out of her! I put my cock inside of her, and her eyes rolled back. She was crazy about my cock!

“Oh, Master, you feel so good,” she moaned loudly. “Oh, I can’t stop this feeling…” I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I exploded inside of her, and she came too. She even thanked me. Looks like Genie is forever my horny sex slave…and guess what? She loves it.

This clip includes: Krystal Orchid, cleaning antique causes smoke to emerge, genie appears, 3 wishes, 3 rules, magic, uncontrollable dancing, genie dance, forced stripping, embarrassment, humiliation, horny, sex-fiend, whore, tit groping, dirty talk, virtual sex, missionary, moaning, genie is forever a sex slave, transformation fantasies, erotic magic

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Krystal Orchid – I Dream of Sex Slave Genie

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