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Blackmailing a Stealing Sister




My sister, Krystal, acts like such a goody two-shoes around my parents, but I know better. She always seems to have extra money, even when she’s spent the last of her allowance. I’ve caught her creeping out of Mom and Dad’s bedroom a few times, and the next time she did it, I was going to catch her.

I hid in Mom and Dad’s bathroom, and sure enough, goody two-shoes came sneaking in to pull out some money from their drawer. I crept out of the bathroom and started recording it on my phone. She turned around and shyly smiled, knowing damn well I had caught her. “What are you going to do about it?” she said. Krystal already knew our parents would never believe me, she was their favorite.

I was going to show them the recording just for that reason, unless, of course, she wanted to do something for me. She could…I don’t know, suck my dick? Her eyes narrowed in disgust, “What? Fuck you…ugh…” Fine, I’d go text Dad the video. I ran off with it, and she chased me into the other room.

Krystal begged me not to send it to him. If she didn’t want him to see it, she’d have to do what I said. “Take off your shirt,” I said sternly. She hesitated, so I pulled it off myself. Embarrassed, she covered herself, and shrieked when I grabbed her chest.

You know, it had been a while since I had my dick sucked. “Are-are you going to delete it? Are you at least going to…” she panicked. I’d delete it afterwards. “I can’t believe this is happening right now,” she cried as she undressed. “Just…let’s get it over with. This is so awkward.” She knelt down and put my hard cock into her mouth.

“Ugh, is there anything else I can do?” She said, pulling back, but I pushed her mouth back onto my cock. I could tell she hated it, and maybe that’s why I found myself so turned on by it. A little too turned on, actually. I wanted to fuck her. I told her to get on the couch, and then pushed her down. She begged me not to tell Dad. “If he finds out, he’s gonna know it was me doing it all along. I won’t be his favorite anymore. You can’t do that to me.”

I didn’t really have any intention of telling him, but she didn’t know that. I slid my cock into her tight, little pussy, and she moaned softly, “I can’t believe you’re making me do this.” Oh, she was completely humiliated.

I moved her on top of my cock, and made her bounce on it. “I wanna see you delete it after. Everything.” she said. I spread her legs, and she gave me a disgusted look, but I didn’t care. I fucked her harder. “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” she said, horrified. She had no idea.

I moved her petite body from one position to another, thrusting as she moaned without control. Hm…I think I wanted to make her swallow my cum. I mean, if she wanted me to delete the video. She got to her knees, and I told her to open up. I jerked my cock, and erupted a huge load right onto her tongue. It dripped down her chin, “See…look, look, I swallowed it.”

Alright, I guess I could delete the video for her. And we’d keep this our little secret. “I’m…I’m fine with that,” she said, cum still on her face. I don’t think she’d be stealing from Dad anytime soon.

This clip includes: Krystal Orchid, Aiden Valentine, sister/brother, brother blackmails money stealing sister, younger sister, older brother, forced stripping, tit groping, forced blowjob, clit/pussy rubbing, humiliation, embarrassment, disgusted, fucking, sex, doggystyle, riding, bouncing, reverse cowgirl, missionary, cum in mouth, cum swallowing, petite

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Blackmailing a Stealing Sister

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