My Bizarre Life: The Doll Collectors




My husband and I are avid doll collectors. Not the glass, porcelain type that most people collect, but the realistic ones. You know…the expensive, big, human-like sex dolls. They are beautiful. It’s amazing how much detail the manufacturers put in them.

But that’s not all we do. We love our dolls so much that we actually treat them like people. They sit with us at the dinner table, they sleep with us…they’re just like any other person, and we treat them as such. We’re aware that outsiders might find it unique.

Someone from TV was supposed to visit us. The reporter was part of a documentary team that wanted to film our “bizarre” lifestyle with the dolls. We didn’t mind. In fact, we were ecstatic. We know how pretty those women from the TV can be. They’re usually built perfect, just like our dolls. Big chests, perfect hair, a curvy body…one of those women could easily add to our collection.

And we were eager to add another. I had a necklace that, when fastened around the neck, would freeze a person in their tracks. It would leave them in a mannequin-type state where they could be manipulated, moved, dressed…whatever you wanted. Knock, knock. The documentary lady was at the door.

I called her to come in, and my god, was she gorgeous. Her black dress complimented her flawless figure. I couldn’t help but comment on it.

Like most, she wanted to talk about the dolls. After all, that’s what she was there for. We explained that we enjoyed them as company, that we took care of them, and that we viewed them as family. Being made to look like humans, it was easy to pretend they were.

Intrigued, she wanted to see the dolls, but we weren’t ready just yet. Instead of showing her, I told her to stand up, and then explained, “Actually, they’re built kinda like you.” She happily obliged, and my husband and I found ourselves even more fascinated by her physique. I found myself flushed, groping her body, and I just knew I had to have her.

My husband looked at me, “Don’t you have a present for our friend?” The reporter was sweet enough, letting me wrap it around her neck. Once I fastened it, she froze. “Did it work?” my husband asked in anticipation. I think it worked. My husband waved his hand in front of her face, “She’s the one we’ve been missing from our collection.”

I looked at her chest, “Should we…should we look at her?” I pulled down her top, and her big, beautiful breasts were exposed. I squeezed them, and let her long hair fall from her frozen hand. “I wonder if I can pose her like the other ones.” I manipulated and posed her arms in different ways, and bent her at the waist. Her body was heavy as I spun her around and showed off her body to my husband. I caressed and groped her ass, and then pivoted her body again.

She was perfect. Bending, moving, manipulating, and spinning her body was easy. I was even able to open her mouth into an O shape. I giggled, “You know what you can use that for, right?” I circled her body, and her face remained blank and unblinking. She actually looked like a real sex doll with the open O mouth and the blank eyes.

I smiled at my husband, “What do you think? Should we keep her?” I continued to pose her fingers, shift her head, and fix her hair. “Do you think they’re gonna know if we took her?” We could send a text from her phone to her work, telling them she quit her job. No one would ever know. I ran my fingertips across her perfect body, “Do you wanna take her with the others?”

This clip includes: Terra Mizu, Fifi Foxx, Aiden Valentine, husband and wife are avid doll collectors, beautiful reporter from a documentary team comes to discuss the bizarre lifestyle with the dolls, magic necklace, freezes reporter into a mannequin/doll, groping tits and ass, limb manipulation, bending, posing, spinning, pivoting, unblinking, blank stare, wide eyes, opening mouth, O mouth, big tits, topless, high heels

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My Bizarre Life: The Doll Collectors

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