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Blackmailing My Whore of a Mom




My mom is a total whore. I didn’t always think of her like that, but she’s really pissed me off this time. For a few weeks, I’d wake up to the door closing in the middle of the night. Turns out she was sneaking out to meet up with her one night stands, or numerous boyfriends, and then she’d sneak back in during early morning.

It was all conveniently planned while my dad was sleeping. He had no idea any of this was going on. I felt bad for him. I hate to see someone so naive get taken advantage of and abused. It’s not right.

So, I had a plan. I stayed up all night, sitting on the couch, waiting for Mom to get back. I wanted to catch her in the act. Then there would be no denying it. And to no surprise, and just like clockwork, she snuck back in with her little, short, whore dress and high heels on.

“Hey, Mom. What are you sneaking in for?” I must have startled her because she started stuttering, trying to think of something to say. “Oh, you’re…you’re up? I thought you’d be in bed.” Of course she did. She didn’t think anyone would find out her fucking secret. Where did she go? What the hell was she wearing? “You know I saw you leaving last night. Who was that that picked you up?” I asked her. She lied right to my face. Fuck this.

“I’m going to tell Dad,” I said, pissed and insulted. Mom held my shoulders still, “No, no, no.” Oh come on, it was obviously a booty call. Look at that fucking dress she was wearing. “He’s going to divorce you if he finds out.” I finally saw the look of panic on my mom’s face. She was actually worried. “Please don’t tell him,” she begged.

Well, she sure as fuck was going to do something for me. “Well, if you’re gonna act like a whore, why don’t you suck my cock then,” I said. She immediately rejected the idea, “No…what? You’re my son.” Fine, I’d go tell Dad. I wasn’t playing around. If she didn’t want me to tell him, she was going to suck my cock. I sat down, unbuckled my pants, and pulled out my cock.

“You want your mother to suck your cock?” she said in disbelief. Yup. “And you won’t tell Dad?” She sighed, and then put my cock in her mouth. Figured as much. What a whore. “This is so not right,” she whined. Yeah, either was what she did to Dad. “You really want me to do this?” That’s what I said, isn’t it?

But this didn’t feel like it was teaching her a lesson. I wanted to really humiliate her. I stripped off her dress so she fully exposed, and continued to make her suck my cock. I got her to admit she was fucking last night, and for that, I wanted her to fuck me.

“Son, really? I mean, a blowjob is one thing, but to fuck you?” she complained. Hm…yup. “That’s so disgusting, though. Really?” I didn’t give a fuck what she thought. I pushed her down, got behind her, and stuck my hard cock inside of her. She sighed, “Just get it over with.”

I pounded her doggystyle, and then flipped her over to missionary. “Ugh, I’m gonna have to look at you while you fuck me? Jeez,” she bitched. “I can’t believe you’re fucking me.” Oh, and I was. I was making my mom my fucking whore. And you know what, I wanted to cum inside of her. “Oh, god no. You can’t cum inside of me,” she said. Yeah, I was going to, or I was going to tell Dad. “Fine, cum inside of me then,” she said, irritated.

I released a huge load inside of her, and watched as it dripped out of her pussy. “Mom, thank you for the fuck. I hope you go out on more dates so we can do this again,” I said to her. “No, no…no. We can’t do this again. God, I’m not gonna be able to look at you for fucking months,” she replied. Yeah, I think Mommy got the message.

This clip includes: Leilani Lei, Aiden Valentine, mom/son, son finds out mom is cheating on dad, mom sneaks out while dad is asleep, blackmails mom, mom becomes son’s whore, blowjob, disgusted mom, forced stripping, humiliation, fucking, sex, doggystyle, missionary, creampie, cum in pussy, male domination, high heels, mature

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Blackmailing My Whore of a Mom

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