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The Burglar Knockout


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Desperate for some extra cash, a young burglar breaks into a stranger’s house. As he reaches for the wallet on the table, he accidentally drops it, and the sound wakes the homeowner.

Alexis runs into the room, and locks his head between her muscular arms. “Do you know who I am?” she asks the terrified burglar. “I’m a professional wrestler.” The man attempts to apologize, but Alexis won’t have it.

She tells him that, instead of calling the cops, she plans to fuck him up herself. She taunts him, locking his head into multiple chokeholds, including a rear naked choke, and his body in severe scissorholds. He struggles to free himself, but is held down by her strong thighs and legs.

Alexis drags him back and forth by his hair, repositioning him, before locking his head and body between her toned body. She further humiliates him, smacking him on the face, and then standing on top of his body. He tries to run away, but she pushes him back down onto his stomach, sits on his back, and then raises his body by his arms. He cries in pain, but that only encourages her to pull harder.

Satisfied, she locks his head into a headscissors submission hold. He begs her to call the cops, but she wants to put him to sleep instead. She taunts him before locking his head between her strong thighs, putting him into a reverse headscissors hold. The burglar struggles, kicking his legs, but is no match for Alexis’ toned legs. She holds him until knockout, and then drags his limp body away.

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The Burglar Knockout