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Drunk with Cum: An Impregnation Fantasy




When you decided to go out to the bar, the last thing you expected was to bring home two drunk girls. After a long night of drinking, you invite the stumbling blond and brunette back to your place. They giggle, and the blond asks you, “Are you ready for a rockin’ threesome?”

They sway and smile, showing off their lack of lingerie underneath. Both girls fall onto your couch, and the blond slurs out one of her secret fantasies. “I have this fantasy, like, to be impregnated… Yeah, where your stomach is really big.” She continues to drunkenly say, “Do you think you could maybe cum inside of me?”

The blond spreads her legs, “Pleaaaaase. Just cum inside of me. It’ll feel, like, really good.” The girls plan on passing you back and forth, hoping to work a huge load out of you to pump inside of the blond. As you fuck the blond, she tells you to fill her with your seed, and to impregnate her.

“You gotta share,” the brunette smiles. You switch between the two girls, fucking them missionary and doggystyle. “I’ll get him close so then he can blow inside of your cunt…right next to your cervix, since your womb is all empty and waiting,” the brunette says to the blond.

When you’re ready to explode, you switch back to the blond, and release your huge load inside of her pussy. The brunette smiles, pushing the dripping load all the way inside of the blond. “We don’t want to waste any of that. Oh yeah, you’re going to be pregnant after tonight.”

This clip includes: Rose Black, Fifi Foxx, drunk girls, drinking, blond admits she has an impregnation fantasy, impregnation talk from 2 girls, dirty talk, nudity, virtual sex, POV sex, fucking 2 girls, moaning, blond, brunette, missionary, doggystyle, cum in pussy, simulated creampie, pregnant, fingering, clit rubbing, breeding, fertile, threesome, b/g/g, boy-girl-girl

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Drunk with Cum: An Impregnation Fantasy

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