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Breaking into the Wrong House: Forced to Strip, Suck Cock, and Fuck




Mina told me about this guy who keeps his door unlocked at night. She said we could really get some good stuff if we were quiet. I could barely see, walking in the dark, but we managed to get to his door. Everything was going smooth until I accidentally slammed the door to close it.

A few seconds later, we heard this weird sound; it sounded like metal. An older man stood in front of us, hitting a bat against his hand, “What are you doing in my house?” We lied, claiming we went to the wrong house, saying anything we could to try and save our asses. He knew we were lying, and he threatened to tell our parents. “I’m gonna call the cops, better yet,” he said with a strict tone.

That got my attention. There is no way I’d let that happen. We begged him not to, “We’ll do anything.” I should have never said that. The tone in his voice changed, “Anything?” You won’t believe what this guy made us do.

He told us to strip down, and my first reaction was to say no. He had no problem reminding us that he could call the cops at any time. “Strip each other down,” he commanded. I was mortified, exposing Mina, and having Mina expose me. We tried to profusely apologize, covering up our bodies, but he made us keep going.

He took out his phone, and told us to smile for the camera. I was so humiliated and so mad, but I knew I couldn’t do anything. I was crying, utterly embarrassed, but he made us strip down to nothing. The sick fuck actually had us pose with one another while we were completely naked, just so he could take pictures.

I thought that was bad, but things only got worse. He made us suck one another’s nipples, smack each other’s ass, and even kiss. I called him sick, and Mina refused to do anything else, but he only threatened us again. He said that, since we like to run our mouths, we could suck his cock. I just wanted this to be over. I put his cock into my mouth and sucked it, and then handed it to Mina. Then the pervert wanted us to “share” it.

“Hey, blondie, why don’t you get up on the couch,” he said to me, “and bend over.” I whined in the corner, still having to watch Mina give this pervert a blowjob. When he was ready, he got behind me, and put his hard cock inside of me. I cried as he pounded me, and he looked over at Mina, “Why don’t you give her a little kiss so she knows it’s okay.”

“Your turn,” he said to Mina. The perv got behind her and fucked her too. He went back and forth between us, and then finally exploded all over Mina’s ass. He tried to get me to lick it up, but there was no way in hell I’d do that. I picked up my clothes and ran like there was no tomorrow. Mina followed me, her ass dripping with his cum. We heard him shouting out at us, but we didn’t care. We didn’t look back.

This clip includes: Little Mina, Fifi Foxx, 2 girls break into a stranger’s house, homeowner catches them, blackmail, forced stripping, posing naked, pictures, embarrassment, humiliation, nipple licking/sucking, ass slapping, spanking, kissing, forced sensual kissing, submissive sluts, tit groping, blowjob, double blowjob, 2 girl blowjob, face-fucking, gagging, drool, fucking 2 girls, forced sex, doggystyle, older man/younger woman, cum on ass, blond, asian

5/5 (1 Review)

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Breaking into the Wrong House: Forced to Strip, Suck Cock, and Fuck

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