Man Transforms into Woman – The Obsession feat. Nadia White




Man Transforms into Woman is a body swap video starring Nadia White.

Nadia is relaxing at home when she gets a phone call from a mysterious number. Curious who the caller is, she picks up the phone, “Hello?” Something zaps her from the other line, and she falls limp onto the couch.

In his words…

I had often marveled at the busty blond. There was just…something about her. I found myself distracted at the thought of being with her. Holding, touching, kissing, fucking her…the thoughts were endless. I was more than positive I was non-existent to her. She never so much as looked into my direction.

I only saw her in passing and was gutless about saying hi. Truth is, I knew she wouldn’t go for a guy like me. But sadly, that didn’t ease my infatuation–in fact, it only progressed it into obsession. I’d wait for her to get off work, and then follow her home. I knew her whole schedule. And with all the social networking these days, it wasn’t hard to find her number.

I wanted to call her, say hi, have a conversation…but I found myself hanging up every time I dialed the number. How would I explain who I was? How I got her number? That I followed her home? I couldn’t. That’s why I used a zapping device on her. I had to feed the obsession.

Man Transforms into Woman

“Hello?” I heard her voice talk to me for the first time. I didn’t answer. I immediately zapped her from the other line, and I heard the phone fall from her hand.

I quickly found myself following her action. A few seconds later, I opened my eyes. I felt groggy at first, but when I looked down, I saw her. Holy sh!t…it worked. I was inside of her body. I could feel this new weight of her big tits on my chest.

I ran my new feminine hands down her soft body, and then worked my way up to her big tits. I bounced them in my hands–fuck, I could do this all day. I allowed my fingertips to run across her big, pouty lips. Heh, I often wondered how many cocks she sucked with these thick lips.

I felt my hands wander back to her chest. Were these things fake? I squeezed them softly, and rubbed her nipples from outside her shirt. It surprisingly felt good. I could finally see them, play with them. I could do whatever I wanted to her, with her…as her. I took her shirt and bra off, and let her tits spill into my hands. They were so much better than I could have ever imagined.

I felt a tingling sensation as I rubbed her nipple. I wonder if- I picked up her huge tit and sucked on the nipple. The action sent a wave of pleasure throughout my body. What else did I have? I stood up and reached back to grope her ass. Better yet, I took off her shorts, and let my fingers play with her shaven pussy. Once touch, and I was already addicted. The sensations were incredible.

Since I was inside her body, I decided I better make good use of it. Who knows who might show up. Did she even have a boyfriend? I never saw one. Oh, I hope she was a lesbian. I laid down, spread her legs, and circled her small fingers against her clit. This feeling…this sensation…it made me twitch with pleasure.  I had never felt anything like it before.

I couldn’t help but let out soft moans as her body filled with pleasure. I felt her pussy get wet the more I played with it. Then I felt myself tighten up, and my/her body become more sensitive. I rubbed until my eyes rolled back into my head, and I orgasmed.

It was almost like we had gotten off at the same time. But wait…weren’t girls able to have multiple orgasms? I wasn’t sure when I wanted to leave her body, or if I was ever going to. I finally had what I wanted, and I didn’t think the obsession would ever be cured.

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Man Transforms into Woman – The Obsession feat. Nadia White

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