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Boarding School: Curriculum




First off, I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t like school. But never did I think my mom would actually consider boarding school. We were all sitting at dinner when Mom told me she received a call from school. This hadn’t been the first time, but Mom had a different tone about her. She was fed up. I was failing all my classes, and Mom claimed I wasn’t getting enough discipline at home.

“I’m too busy, and I don’t have time to keep on you every day about your homework. It’s exhausting,” she said in a serious tone. But what about my friends? I’d have to leave them behind? She said they were the ones causing this. Mom wasn’t kidding, and my sister kept throwing her stupid two cents in. She was always stuck up Mom’s ass.

I was really upset after dinner. I figured I better try to smooth things over before something really happened. I knocked on Mom’s door, and then walked in to talk to her. She was lying on the bed, and treated me like a nuisane when I tried to talk to her. She wasn’t actually going to send me to boarding school, was she? I begged her not to, promising to get better grades, but she wouldn’t hear it. This was so fucking stupid.

I was desperate. There was literally nothing I could say to change her mind. But was there something I could do? Maybe there was something that would make her forget all about this…all about boarding school. It was worth a shot. I downloaded an app that claimed to erase someone’s mind, allowing you to reprogram them any which way you liked. If it worked, I could avoid going to boarding school altogether.

I waited for everyone to go to bed before I snuck into Mom’s room. I wasn’t surprised to see my sister sleeping next to her; she probably fell asleep watching a TV show with her. I knew if I didn’t use the device on my sister, she’d notice something was wrong with Mom. This made it easy to take care of both of them.

I waved my hand in front of my sister’s face–she was completely out. I climbed over top of her and put the device in front of her. Her eyes jolted open, fluttering and rolling, as the app brainwashed her. Once it had finished, her eyes closed like nothing happened. Next was Mom. Once the process was over, I left the room.

The next morning I came out of my room to see my sister and mom watching TV. I tried to act like the boarding school conversation never happened. Maybe Mom had forgotten about it. “Good morning, guys. What’d you make for breakfast, Mom?” I asked. Of course my sister had to make some smart ass comment, “Heh, I wonder what they serve at boarding school.” That got Mom started on the topic again. We argued, and I begged her one last time.

That was it. SNAP. “Trance,” I said. Their eyes became emotionless, blank, and they stared straight ahead. That’s right, who was the boss now? They were mindless, awaiting my command, as I groped their tits. They responded with a “Yes, Master” in unison with every command.

“Dance for me,” I commanded. They rocked their hips from side to side slowly, their eyes blank, and their minds erased. I had them spin around, pull down their tops, and then let my fingers slide over their warm pussies. My cock ached for them. “Get down on your knees.”

Without hesitation, they went down, and I pulled my hard cock out. “I want you both to suck my cock.” They responded with a “Yes, Master,” and began sharing my cock. I felt myself throb against their tongues. “Lay back,” I commanded.

I started with Mom first. I slid myself inside of her and began fucking her. Then it was my sister’s turn. They stared off mindlessly, stuck in a trance, as their pussy lips hugged my cock. “Bend over the couch,” I ordered.

I rubbed their clits, and then fucked them doggystyle. I went back and forth between them, thrusting in and out of their tight pussies. “Lay down,” I commanded. “Open your mouth.” I jerked my cock and erupted all over their tongue and face. “Swallow it.” In complete obedience, they did so, and I told them to sit up.

“Now, I’m not going to boarding school, am I, Mom?” I asked. “Of course not, Master,” Mom replied in an emotionless voice. I made them understand they were my obedient slaves, that I wasn’t going anywhere, and that I was in charge. And fuck, was I hungry. They could start with some breakfast.

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Boarding School: Curriculum

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