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A Casting Call for Nudity




Lylah is a naive, self-driven young lady whose dream is to become Hollywood’s next big actress. Although she’s never been called back from a casting call, she continues to chase her dreams of being in the spotlight.

Desperate to achieve this goal, she’s gone through Craigslist and searched for any acting role she can get. She arrives at the house of a shady “producer,” who really has nothing to do with film or producing. His goal…getting the girls naked.

“Hi,” Lylah smiles sweetly. “I was so excited when I saw your post on Craiglist. This sounds like a role I can really, really do.” The shady producer is immediately attracted to her, but keeps his composure by acting professional, and hands her the script. “Here’s the script; I highlighted your lines. Put all of your energy into it,” he tells her.

Lylah reads her lines, and it’s no surprise why she’s never been called back. Her acting is horrible, but the producer insists she put more energy into it. No matter how many times she reads it, her acting only gets worse. “How was that?” she says with big eyes. He lies and tells her it was great, and encourages her to keep reading.

Now that Lylah is a little more hyped up for the role, the producer tells her she has to be topless in it. Lylah looks over the script, but can’t find anywhere in the dialogue where it says she has to be exposed. “My role? Is that really necessary?” Lylah looks at him confused. “If you don’t want to do it, that’s fine…I’ll just hire another actress,” he replies.

Desperate for the acting job, Lylah blurts out, “No…no, no. Don’t do that.” Still hesitant, but willing for the scene, she begins taking her shirt off. “Don’t be shy,” the producer tells her. Lylah turns around to face him with her bra still on, and the producer has her continue the lines.

Now nervous and fidgety, Lylah attempts to read her lines. She makes mistakes as she tries to cover herself up with the script. “Hold on, hold on, hold on,” he says, “You keep trying to cover yourself up with the script. How are you supposed to deliver your lines?”

“Okay, I can do this,” Lylah sighs to herself. She moves her long hair in front of her bra and continues reading, but gets immediately stopped. The producer wants her to take off the bra. She removes it, exposing her big tits, and then covers herself up with her arm. As she reads, she is barely able to keep the script open. “You seem a little embarrassed and awkward. You want this role, right?” he asks her. He tells her to focus on the lines, and not the fact that she’s exposed.

“You know…I think in here…actually, where was it?” he takes the script, “You’re actually supposed to be completely nude,” he tells her. She tells him that she didn’t see that in the casting call, but he just threatens to hire another actress.

Lylah struggles to take piece by piece off, “Can I keep the panties on?” With an obvious no, she slides them off. She keeps her legs crossed as she reads the lines, one hand in front of her crotch, and the paper in front of her chest. The producer then tells her that he needs her to spin around just in case she has an ass shot on camera.

Still desperate for the role, Lylah spins around, her hand and script covering her ass. The producer tells her to hold the script with both hands, to have some enthusiasm, and to read again. Lylah is completely embarrassed, nervous, and fidgety.

“Let me just see your body now,” he says to her. “Don’t worry about the script.” Lylah lays down the script, and covers her body with her hands and arms. “Move your hands, or you can leave,” he says strictly. He gets a good look at her, and then tells her to turn around. “Yeah, you look great. I’m sure a producer would hire you,” he says.

Horrified, Lylah turns to look at him. “A producer? What do you mean producer? Aren’t you the producer?” Once she finds out the whole thing is a scam, she panics, picking up her clothes, and darts out of the house naked.

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A Casting Call for Nudity