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The Hand Over Mouth Procedure II: It’s Natural to Struggle




It was time for Mr. Valentine’s appointment. According to my papers, he came in for a semen extraction, and as he made himself comfortable, I explained the procedure.

He raised his brows as I mentioned chl0roform. I demonstrated on myself, explaining that I would pour some onto a rag, and then hold the rag over his mouth and nose. The chl0roform would work as a general anesthetic, allowing his body and mind to fall unc0nscious as I extracted his semen. Of course he would momentarily suffer. His natural reaction would be to fight the effect, but within a short amount of time, he would be out.

I also added that he would be handcuffed, binding him so that there was no risk of hitting me as he struggled. A little nervous, he agreed, and we started the procedure. I had him lie back as I cuffed his hands together. Next, I grabbed the rag, poured some chl0roform onto it, and then placed it over his nose and mouth.

I pressed tightly against his face as he struggled to fight it. His eyes rolled and fluttered, and after a few seconds, he was out. I pulled down his pants and began stroking his cock with my hand. After a few minutes, I saw him waking up. I apologized, as that’s not supposed to happen, and proceeded to repeat the procedure, once again letting him fall unc0nscious.

I continued to stroke his cock, focused on extracting the semen. I noticed dribbles of precum run from the head, but before I could finish, he started moving again. It was time to try a different method.

Mr. Valentine was terribly confused as I re-positioned his body in front of me. I poured the chl0roform on the rag, and then placed the cloth over his nose and mouth. He would be groggy, disoriented, and half-conscious throughout the rest of the procedure.

I struggled holding his body, wrapping one arm around him to stroke his cock, and the other holding the rag over his face. His eyes fluttered and rolled uncontrollably as I jerked his cock. After a bit, he finally erupted, releasing a huge load all over my hand.

Satisfied with the sample, I took it to the lab, and then returned to take care of Mr. Valentine. I unfastened his handcuffs, and proceeded to clean him up. I allowed him to stay until he was clear-headed. It would be a while before the anesthesia wore off.

This clip includes: Fifi Foxx, Aiden Valentine, semen extraction, hand over mouth procedure using chl0roform as anesthetic, hands bound, handcuffs, bondage, struggling, eye rolling and fluttering, limp, unc0nscious, stroking, jerking, handjob, patient wakes up and receives another HOM procedure, patient wakes up a second time and remains in a half-conscious state as new HOM procedure is taking place, reach around handjob, cum in hand

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The Hand Over Mouth Procedure II: It’s Natural to Struggle