I Swapped Bodies with My Younger Sister!




“I’m so bored. When is Mom going to get the cable back?” I said to my sister. It was storming pretty bad outside, and there was nothing to do. No TV, no parents–just me and my younger sister, and that stupid plasma ball that sat in front of us.

Well, that dumb thing was the extent of our entertainment. We pressed our fingers against the sphere, and it tingled. “That feels cool,” my sister giggled. The way that the electricity follows your finger is pretty neat. I like setting multiple fingers against it, and watching the electricity split in two.

That’s all I remember. Something must have happened because I woke up looking at myself…at my body. I pulled back my shirt, “Whoa.” I was looking at tits. A few seconds later, my body woke up. I know that sounds crazy, but just hear me out. “What-What’d you do? Why am I in your body?” it shouted at me. Was that…my sister? “You need to give me my body back,” she demanded.

“Oh my god, do I have a dick?” she pulled back my shorts. “You can’t see me like this!” she said embarrassed, and then ran off. What a little drama queen. I wasn’t going to let that stop me from checking things out.

I pulled back her shirt, “I have boobs. I have awesome boobs!” I swung them from side to side, and then groped them with her hands. Whoa…so that’s what those felt like. And what was with this skirt thing? That was different.

I rubbed her arms. Wow, they were so smooth. And no hair under the armpits? I pulled back her skirt. Holy sh!t, someone shaved down there. How was this possible? This was all too weird. Something had to have happened with that plasma ball.

I admit…my sister had a pretty rockin’ bod. Not bad…not bad at all. I turned around and jiggled her perfect ass. But honestly, I was more interested in, well…you know. I got her completely naked and spread her soft legs. I touched her pussy with her fingertip, “That’s so sensitive!”

I let my…well…her fingers slide against the outside of her mound. What was all the hype about these things anyways? I spread her smooth lips and rubbed her clit. It was crazy sensitive, but it felt really good. I wondered how long I’d be trapped in her body.

I figured I might as well enjoy it while I could. How long would it take me to cum in this body? Was that weird to think…to say out loud? I circled her fingers against her clit, groped her tits, and became overwhelmed with pleasure. I could even hear myself moaning out loud.

The more I touched it, the more sensitive it got. I felt her body tighten up, and I knew I was about to cum. “Oh my god, it’s so wet,” I said to myself. I could play with her body all day.

In fact, I was groping her tits when I heard, “Aiden…Aiden, I have an-” My sister came around the corner, saw what I was doing, and immediately stopped in her tracks. “Oh my god, what are you doing!? Put my clothes back on, you fucking pervert.”

Seriously, could she really blame me? She was ranting about telling Mom when we got back into our normal bodies, but who would believe her anyway? And how the hell do you put these tops back on? Why did girls wear such weird shirts?

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I Swapped Bodies with My Younger Sister!


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