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Uncontrollable Love: TV Training for a Perfect Sister




Our parents left for the day. It was another one of their date nights where my sister and I were stuck house-sitting. So boring. We waved goodbye, reassuring them that everything would be fine and shut the door.

We both knew we couldn’t sneak out. My parents would be calling at any second to see where we were at. We were stuck home going stir crazy. My sister hated playing poker. She wanted to play War instead. I tried to explain that War doesn’t require any skill, it’s pure luck. My sister is always trying to find the easy way out.

I’ve grown quite fond of my sister. I get a chance to spend time with her whenever my parents are out. Yeah, she’s simple, but she’s a good person. And, for whatever reason, I’m attracted to her. She’s got big blue eyes, blond hair, and a curvy body. We get along well enough.

“How about we play strip poker instead?” I thought I’d throw a hint at her. Stupid, right? She narrowed her eyes in disgust, “Ew, are you serious?” Like an idiot, I tried to play it off. Thankfully that was right around the time Mom and Dad called to check up on us. Of course we hadn’t gone anywhere; it was typical of them to pull this stunt. They were so paranoid they even wanted to talk to me. Anyways, after the call, my sister went crazy from boredom. “Can we do something else? I don’t even care what it is.” I suggested a movie, and we walked over to the family room.

I tried one last time. When she sat down, I sat right next to her. Maybe she’d pick up on that. She shoved me away, “What are you doing? Why don’t you go get a DVD or something?” Alright, this obviously wasn’t working.

I’ve been infatuated with my sister for a while now. I was confident that she was perfect for me, and I didn’t want anyone besides her. I designed a CD that, when played, would flash subliminal messages at her. These words would be reinforced in her head as they repeated over and over on the screen in front of her.

I came back with the CD in hand, and she smiled, “Where did you go to get that? Your room? What is that…like a porn or something?” I swear she’s so goofy sometimes. I slipped the CD into the DVD player, and told her I’d go make some popcorn for us.

Taken back, she let out a gasp, and her eyes grew big. Her pupils dilated, and soon her eyes were rolling and fluttering. Her head rocked in a circle as the screen flashed messages at her. I peeked from the kitchen to watch the process, eager to make my sister mine.

Now that she was in a trance, I let my voice take over. I told her to take deep breaths, and let every word penetrate her subconscious mind. She’d feel warm inside, and have a desire, passion, and curiosity to have sex with her brother. Having sex with him would give her a deeper orgasm, and this would forever change the way she felt about him. This would be what she had been longing and waiting for.

“Now you’re feeling a little dazed…a little intoxicated, right?” She repeated parts of my sentences in a dazed voice. I assigned meaning to certain words…spank, sleep, and freeze. Each word allocated a specific task. I told her she was feeling very submissive, very obedient. With the snap of my fingers, she would become my obedient slave. Snap. Her eyes stopped fluttering and rolling, and her head stopped moving. Her eyes were locked in front of her, and she sat awaiting my command. I told her to stand up. “Yes, Master,” she said mindlessly.

“You want to dance for me, right?” Obedient, she rocked her hips from side to side. Her face showed no emotion, and her eyes were blank. Freeze. Her body immediately became stiff, her eyes unblinking, and I groped her perky chest. Unfreeze. She continued to dance until I commanded her to strip. “Yes, Master, I want to strip off my clothes,” she said in a tranced voice. She removed her dress. Freeze.

This was the first time I was ever able to touch my sister. I rubbed her clit, and squeezed her ass. She felt perfect. I couldn’t wait to be inside her, to be with her… Unfreeze. She continued to slowly undress until she was completely naked, and I commanded her to sit down. “Yes, Master.” Sleep. Her head fell down, and I pushed her back. Now she was fully exposed. I touched her, and I felt my cock twitch.

Turned on, I continued to guide her through other commands, such as spanking, in which she did mindlessly. I couldn’t wait anymore. Soon I had her on all fours, sucking my cock with wide, open eyes. This was everything I had ever wanted…and I had complete control over it.

It wasn’t long before I had my cock inside of her. She let out soft moans as I penetrated her tight pussy. I fucked her doggystyle, missionary…fuck, it felt like a dream. With each thrust, her moans became louder. Her eyes suddenly jerked even wider, and she released a deep orgasm. I was so overwhelmed that I erupted all over her face.

Mom and Dad would be home soon. I told her to get dressed, and then to go get cleaned up. Sometimes you know exactly what you want, and a little brainwashing does just the trick. My sister would love me indefinitely…forever.

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Uncontrollable Love: TV Training for a Perfect Sister

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