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Impregnate ME!: Mom and Aunt Fight over Your Cum




“Your favorite aunt’s here,” Aunt Lylah smiled, entering my bedroom. She had noticed me checking out her revealing outfit. “Your ultra conservative mom did not like it. She tried to tell me that auntie needs to wear a bra. We both know I have these awesome tits that don’t need a bra,” she said, groping her chest.

She was right. Every family get-together we had, I’d hear my mom bickering with her, telling her she was dressed inappropriately and that she needed to cover up. Aunt Lylah was hard not to look at. She had big tits, a fat ass, and she was never wearing a bra. Mom was conservative, prim, and proper while Aunt Lylah was sultry, seductive, sexy, and exciting.

I liked to hide in my room during the family gatherings, trying to drown out everyone that was there. I could tell Aunt Lylah wanted something by the way she was talking. She was trying to seduce me, “You really have great genes. Your eyes, your hair, height, skin…I really, really want a piece of that.” What was she talking about?

Her seductive tone made my cock throb, and she used it to her advantage. “Let me just help you get a little bit more comfortable.” She unbuckled my pants and began stroking my hard cock. “Oh, I think your balls need some attention too. Nice and heavy and full of cum…full of your seed. All that great genetic material that I want to fill me.”

Aunt Lylah wanted me to cum inside of her? Before I could process anything, she wrapped her warm mouth around my cock. After a few minutes, she pulled back and wiped her lips, “Think I need to ride you. Don’t you want to see these tits bounce up and down on you?”

She got on top of me, and it felt incredible. Her big tits bounced as she rode my cock. “I think I want you to get on top of Auntie. I want you to fill me up with your cum,” she said, lying back. I started fucking her until I heard a knock on the door. “Hey, sweetie…have you seen your Aunt-” Mom said, then realized what was going on, “Lylah!”

Oh, Mom was pissed. She looked at me, then at Aunt Lylah. “Like you weren’t expecting this…your son’s a hottie,” my aunt said unphased. It didn’t take Mom long to figure out what Lylah had wanted. Aunt Lylah wanted my sperm so she could have what she called “the perfect genes.” Fucked up, I know. But my aunt wasn’t married, nor did she ever plan on being. She just wanted a sperm donor, and she wanted me.

Mom looked at me, “I see that you have an erection. You do not have to do that with your Aunt Lylah. I can take care of your little problem, honey.” WHAT? Mom? “Just cum inside of me, and it’ll be fine.”

They were fighting over me! And even crazier, over my CUM! Mom was being spiteful, and just wanted to make sure that my aunt didn’t get anything. She guided me towards her, and I put my cock inside of my mom for the first time.

She moaned, encouraging me to cum inside of her instead. As I was fucking her, my mom and aunt were fighting with one another, trying to outdo each other. But Aunt Lylah wasn’t about to give up. She moved my body towards her, and I put my cock inside of her pussy. I was so hard…I just wanted to cum.

My aunt was so fucking hot, talking dirty as I moved inside of her. Mom looked at me, “Honey, do not cum inside of her,” but I didn’t know what to do. My aunt was grinding herself against me, shifting her hips in all these amazing positions, and it was grossing my mom out. My mom and aunt moved me back and forth, fighting over me, and I was getting really close to erupting.

“She wasn’t interested until I had you in your room!” my aunt blurted out. She pushed me towards her, but I only got a couple of pumps before I got shoved back to my mom. This was getting ridiculous. I was literally about to burst. My aunt even tried to bribe me!

My aunt got a hold of me again, and even though Mom was yelling for me to hold it in, I couldn’t. I erupted inside of my aunt. “You didn’t cum inside of her, did you!?” Mom’s voice was panicked. But I did. My aunt was bragging about all of the beautiful offspring she was going to have.

Mom was so bitter that she wanted me to cum inside of her too. “No, no…he used it all on me. I can tell…I’m so full,” Aunt Lylah smiled. My mom stormed out of the room, and my aunt lied back, happy that her pussy was full of my cum.

This clip includes: Lylah Ryder, Fifi Foxx, mom, aunt, son/nephew, family gatherings, aunt seduces you for your cum, virtual handjob, virtual blowjob, dirty talk, virtual sex, POV, riding, big tits, missionary, mom catches you and your aunt, finds out aunt is trying to take your cum to breed, mom tells you to cum inside of her instead, virtual sex with mom and aunt, fight over your cum, erupt inside of your aunt’s pussy, simulated creampie, breeding, impregnation fantasy

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Impregnate ME!: Mom and Aunt Fight over Your Cum

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