Password or Pass out?




Aiden can’t figure out why a gorgeous girl like Alexis has been spending her time with him. She tugs gently at the collar of his shirt, attempting to seduce him into some information about his work. “I was thinking that, maybe, you could give me the password to your laptop,” she sweetly says.

Alexis soon reveals that she’s interested in a confidental file on the computer, but Aiden is afraid he’ll get in trouble. When seduction no longer works, Alexis decides to take a different approach. She locks his hands in place, and reveals that she was never interested in him.

Aiden becomes nervous as Alexis puts his head into a lock with her arms, dragging him closer to the couch. “Who’s gonna know?” she says, wrapping her strong legs around his head. “Are you sure you don’t want to give me that password?”

With another no, she moves him into a figure four headscissor. He struggles to breathe, but lets out a weak “I’ll never tell you.” Even angrier now, she smacks him in the face, drags him by his hair, and wraps her legs around his body. “Look at this pathetic face,” she says, humiliating him. “Tell me the fucking password.”

He tells her no again, and she puts his head into another chokehold. He grunts and struggles, but she continues to force his head and body into multiple locks and scissorholds, including reverse headscissors. Her legs squeeze tighter, and with no other option, she decides she has to k!ll him. She makes sure he’s out, and then goes off to search the house.

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Password or Pass out?