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The Pie Treatment: 48 Pies for Flawless, Glowing Skin!


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“So, you heard about our new treatment…are you excited?” Fifi asks, walking around her new, anxious client. “I’m beyond excited,” Whitney replies. “I can’t wait to have beautiful, glowing skin like you do.”

Fifi explains that this secret treatment makes your skin flawless, vibrant, and glowing. “This isn’t on the market yet,” she tells Whitney. With an even more estatic client, Fifi asks Whitney to remove her clothes for the best possible experience.

“This is a very messy process,” she explains to her client. “But it’s very enjoyable.” After both ladies have undressed, Whitney is told to take a seat. “The first one will take you by surprise,” Fifi says vaguely. She walks off to the table, grabs a creampie, and then smashes it into Whtiney’s face.

She twists the pie on her face, and then drops the tin. “Very good,” she says to Whitney, smiling. “Doesn’t your skin feel so much better already?” Whitney slowly wipes the pie from her eyes, nose, and mouth. She then tries to explain the feeling as cold, tingly, and something she’s never felt before.

Excited to continue the treatment, Whitney prepares herself for the next pie. Fifi continues to pie her client 27 more times, hitting her directly in the face, as well as the sides of it. Filled with new, erotic sensations, Whitney rubs the pies all over her body, softly groping herself in pleasure.

Fifi stops for a second to kiss her, and then proceeds to have Whitney do the same treatment on her. “I want you to be able to do this by yourself at home,” Fifi explains. “And you can try it on me.”

Whitney proceeds to pie Fifi 20 times in the face, leaving her in a beautiful, wet mess. The ladies grope each other, lick one another’s tits, and kiss each other as they move the pies all over their bodies.

Once they’ve finished both of their treatments, they find themsevles so turned on by the feeling that they masturbate, and then make-out with each other.

This clip includes: Miss Whitney Morgan, Fifi Foxx, new skin treatment, 48 pies total, 28 to one girl, 20 to another, sensual wet & messy, erotic, kissing, tit groping, tit licking/sucking, making out, two girl masturbation, covered in pie, pie in face, twisting pie on face, wiping eyes, nose, and mouth, full body wet & messy, sploshing, humor, silly, playful, cream pies, different flavors

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The Pie Treatment: 48 Pies for Flawless, Glowing Skin!