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Mom is Wasted on My Cock




I like to consider my mom a pretty classy woman. She’s conservative, well-kept, and hell, she could even qualify as a MILF. She takes care of herself, has bleach blond hair, big pink lips, and a pretty nice bod. I could see how someone would easily find her attractive.

Now, I usually don’t think inappropriate thoughts about her. She’s my mom, she takes care of me, and I’ve only thought highly of her. I know she’s been trying to find a guy, so I try to excuse her behavior when she comes home sh!t-faced from the bar. She usually just passes out in her room.

But this time was different. Mom was pretty out of it. She stumbled in through the front door while I was watching TV. “Hi, son,” she slurred out. Her tight red dress hugged her body, and her high heels clanked against the wooden floor.

“Can I give you a little bit of a kiss?” she said, drunkenly. I could smell the alcohol seeping from her breath. I knew she was lonely, so fine…whatever. She sprawled herself along the floor, “I’m so horny right now.” Uh…what? I was going to pretend I didn’t hear that.

“Is it okay if, like, I…unzip your pants a little bit to get you more comfy?” she said. “Because Mommy’s not wearing any underwear. Isn’t that silly?” she giggled. This could not be happening right now. I didn’t know what to do.

She unzipped my pants and started ranting about how much “bigger” I had gotten. I felt my face flush. “Can I just, like, give it a little kiss? Is that okay? I think so.” Before I could respond, she put her soft lips against my cock. I felt myself stiffen.

“I’m just gonna stroke it for a second,” she slurred, wrapping her hand around my shaft. I was embarrassed to feel my cock twitch from her touch. Did she even know what she was doing?

A little kiss turned into full sucking, and Mom pulled back to wipe the drool from her lips. She sloppily undressed herself, and then wrapped her thick lips back against my cock.

“Does Mommy look good tonight?” she asked, sprawling herself along the floor again. I had never seen her this wasted before. She finally moved herself up to the couch after releasing her pouty, pink lips from my cock. “Do you want Mommy to ride you?” she asked. What was I supposed to do? I mean, my cock was actually rock hard.

Honestly, and I can’t believe I did this…I sort of let it do the thinking. I laid back, and Mom got on top of me. Next thing I know, she was bouncing on my cock, and then I found myself fucking her missionary and doggystyle. She was moaning, talking dirty, and when I got close, she dropped to her knees. I was so turned on that I lost all control and erupted all over her perky tits.

She slurred drunken nonsense as my cum dripped down her chest. Would she even remember any of this?

This clip includes: Jade Madison, mom/son, drunk mom, sh!t-faced, out of it, mom comes home from bar and is upset that she didn’t meet a guy, horny and single mom, slurring, POV, virtual kissing, virtual handjob, virtual blowjob, dirty talk, virtual sex, riding, cowgirl, bouncing, missionary, doggystyle, moaning, simulated cum on tits, blowjob lips, POV sex

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Mom is Wasted on My Cock

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