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How to Save a Marriage 101: Body Swap with Your Wife




One of my favorite body swap clips we’ve done! Incredible acting, developed story line, and a full clip displaying the change from a man into a woman and a woman into a man. Very playful, sexy, and humorous.

I remember the day I got married. My groomsmen playfully slapped me across the back, “Your life is over now!” All jokes aside, when my soon-to-be wife walked down the isle, I was stunned. I had never seen someone so beautiful in my life.

But it finally happened to me. A few years after I got married, the honeymoon phase drifted away.

My wife, Whitney, was…and very much still is, gorgeous. She just doesn’t show it. Within the comfort of marriage, she’s slowly moved away from the sexy lingerie and sex to sweatpants and soap opera TV shows. I can’t stand it.

We often find ourselves in arguments about why she won’t dress up for me, why she won’t impress me… Hell, we even go through marriage counseling, and she won’t listen to a word the therapist says. “Maybe the problem lies within you,” my wife would explain in an attempt to defend herself. “Maybe you’re not comfortable with my inner self coming out.” Maybe I wasn’t…maybe I wanted what I had before.

“Here…why don’t you at least try one of these tablets that the therapist gave me,” I said, handing her one of the circular substances. “Cheers,” we said, hitting the pills together as if it were going to solve all our problems. But it would. She just didn’t know that the therapist didn’t give it to us.

“Aiden, I thought I told you to take those DAMN shoes off the bed,” my wife said, opening her eyes from a long sleep. Her voice sounded all too familiar, almost masculine…exactly the way mine had sounded. She looked down to see that the shoes were actually on her feet, “Am I dreaming right now?” I couldn’t help but smile.

“It worked,” I giggled to myself. I was in my wife’s body, and she was in mine. “What did you do? Tell me what you did!” she demanded. I admit…she wasn’t ecstatic about the change. “It was just a little…marital aid,” I explained. “You don’t use your body for anything fun anymore, so might as well give me a day with it.” She wasn’t too keen on the idea, but she’d have to play by my rules if she wanted to switch back.

“Have a little fun with it,” I told her. “Maybe for just, like, an hour or so.” She didn’t have a choice, and she knew it. Frustrated, she walked away, and that’s where the real fun began.

I opened the closet door and picked at her clothing. Tank tops, pajamas, tank tops, pajamas–where the hell was the good stuff? Then I saw it. Sexy lingerie, corsets…all piled in the corner. Hell, one even had the tag still on it. Well, let’s see how it looked on me.

Putting this bra-thing on was hard…I mean, I knew how to take them off, but how did girls put them on without help? What a pain in the ass. After getting the lacy set on, I couldn’t help but grope my new body. I grabbed, slapped, and jiggled my gorgeous butt…remembering when I used to squeeze it when my wife bounced on my cock.

I tried another lingerie set on, but my mind wouldn’t let up. What happened to our incredible sex life? I let her gorgeous hair down, and fantasized about it brushing through her face as I fucked her. She had every excuse in the book these days not to fuck me, “Honey, you know I have to get up early in the morning,” or “I don’t like having my hair pulled.” Now she couldn’t say no.

I wondered what it would be like to have an orgasm as a female. I rubbed her pussy and was happy to see it still got wet. And miraculously, I didn’t have a headache! HA! I was going to have some fun. The more I touched myself, the wetter I got. All these sensations overwhelmed my body, and I felt myself getting more turned on.

“Oh my god, what are you doing with my body? Stop that!” my wife said, entering the room. I smiled and continued to rub her pussy as she commanded me to stop. “I haven’t touched your pussy in so long,” I said. “It’s so warm and wet and inviting.”

(POV, virtual) I showed off the lingerie set I was wearing, and began twerking my ass for her. She wasn’t amused, but at least I was trying! Oh, and her perky tits and beautiful nipples…god, how I loved them. “We’ve had enough fun with this,” Whitney said, frustrated, “let’s just switch bodies back.” Instead of complaining, she should be taking it as a compliment that I was having so much fun!

“You want all this back…don’t you, baby?” I asked. “Guess what, so do I.” If she wanted it back, and if she wanted this marriage counseling to work, we were going to have sex. “What? No…I’m not doing that,” she barked back. Oh, she’d do it…and she’d even do it willingly. My wife would have to learn how to use my dick to fuck her body.

First, she needed to get hard. I wrapped my mouth around her cock, and damn…it was hard work. After a minute, she was raging hard. “I can see why guys like that,” she said. When she was ready, I got on top of her. Oh man, fuck…you really have to just…ease into it. I couldn’t believe we were actually having sex! It had been so long.

Feeling a cock go inside of me was incredible. It felt so fucking good. I let out loud moans, and I could tell my wife was getting into it. And since I was a girl now, I could keep going! But I couldn’t let her off that easy. She’d have to learn how to thrust and cum as a guy.

I got into a doggystyle position, and started guiding her how to move my cock in and out of her body. “You’re gonna see how much work it is for me to fuck you,” I said, lying on my back. She slid my cock inside of her pussy, and I clenched my teeth, “Not too deep…not too deep!”

After a minute, my wife said, “I think I’m getting close.” A few seconds later, she came all over my stomach, and then immediately exhausted, we both fell asleep.

“My jaw’s sore,” my wife said, waking up. She thought the whole thing was a dream until she saw her tits out of a lacy, black bra, and noticed the crusty cum on her body. “Seriously…you didn’t even clean the cum off of my body?” Hell no I didn’t…she looked so sexy like that. My hips and butt were in so much pain, but hey, at least I made our marriage work. And if it didn’t? I wouldn’t switch back next time.

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How to Save a Marriage 101: Body Swap with Your Wife


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