Give Me an A!: Cheerleader Sucks and Fucks for a Better Grade




I have a hard time paying attention in class, so Mr. B thought it would be appropriate for me to have some extra help. That’s right…some one-on-one time with the teach. Ugh, how lame.

I don’t understand why he couldn’t just write me an “A” for his class so we both could carry on with our lives. I had cheerleading practice, I wanted to get my hair and nails done…I had a lot to do. “Can you just do the work for me?” I asked with a big smile.

“I can’t do the work for you, but maybe there’s something you can do me. I don’t know,” he replied. Whatever he wanted me to do, I knew it was going to be borrr-ingg. Maybe if I flattered him a little, he’d be easier on me. “You look really nice today,” I said sweetly.

But he completely dismissed it, and told me that we needed to get through two chapters instead. No…no way. I offered to do a little…you know, something…if he gave me a better grade. “Sounds good…I could probably have my lawn mowed,” he said. He just wasn’t getting it.

That’s it. “How about this?” I said, flashing my tits. “Those are very nice, but those aren’t going to help your grade,” he replied. Ugh! I had an idea. I stood up, pushed Mr. B back, and unbuckled his pants before he could react. I knew he wanted it.

I wrapped my warm mouth around his cock, and he released a soft moan. I let my wet tongue run up his stiff shaft, and after I gave him a sensual blowjob, I knew how to get an A…I’d let him fuck me.

I pushed my binder off the desk, lifted my ass, and let Mr. B slip himself inside of me. It wasn’t long before he released a huge load onto my big ass after fucking my pussy hard. I giggled, dipping my finger into the cum, and drew a heart on the desk with it. You know…just so he remembered me. And my A.

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Give Me an A!: Cheerleader Sucks and Fucks for a Better Grade