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Stuck at His Disposal




I heard my mom call for me from inside the kitchen. Wednesdays are our cooking days, and I was watching TV while she cleaned the vegetables. “Fifi, can you come help me?” she shouted. I came in to see her hand down the drain. She dropped her ring, and now her hand was stuck trying to get it out. I tugged on her body, but couldn’t get her hand free.

“You need to get your finger in there and undo it,” she said. I shifted my fingers alongside hers. Man, her fingers were really wedged in there. Then, all of a sudden, I remember not being able to shift or move them around at all. “Mom…Mom, I can’t get my hand out.” When I tugged on it, it hurt. Now I was stuck, and we both couldn’t get out. Mom said we had people coming over so we needed to get out. “Aiden!” I shouted for my brother. “Aiden, we need your help!”

“Yeah, I’m coming,” I heard his voice from the other room. We explained that Mom’s ring fell, her hand got stuck, and that my hand was stuck from trying to pull hers out. Aiden tugged on my hand, and I screamed in pain. He got behind me and tried shifting my body back, but that didn’t work either. He tried Mom next, but she didn’t budge.

My brother got behind me again, but this time, I felt something hard against my butt. Not only was he trying to pull me out, he was lightly humping me. “Aiden…Aiden, what are you doing? Are you hard?” I asked him. He denied it, but when he pulled back, I saw the bulge in his shorts. “Man, you guys are really stuck,” he said, groping me and my mom. I yelled at him, “It’s not funny, Aiden. Just call someone, we’re stuck.”

“No, I think I’m gonna…” he said, getting more physical with us. He slid my panties off as I yelled for him to stop. “Mom! Make him stop!” Mom smacked his hands away, but truth was, we couldn’t move. If he decided he wanted to fuck with us, we couldn’t stop him. “Oh my god, he’s eating my pussy,” Mom whined.

He did it to me too, and I stood there, stuck, crying as I felt my brother’s tongue slide against my clit. Aiden rubbed our clits at the same time, getting us wet before he…he…

I saw him pull back, and the bulge was even bigger. His hands tugged at his shorts, and I panicked, “No, Aiden…don’t! It’s not funny!” He wanted to keep fucking with us, “No, if you want me to call someone… Can your mouth reach over here? If you suck my dick, I’ll consider it.” He knew we couldn’t reach him. And if we could, we wouldn’t.

Mom was desperate for him to stop. She reached back and tugged on his cock, hoping that would be enough to please him. But it wasn’t. My brother wanted to get off. He picked up one of the vegetables Mom had prepared, and started rubbing it against our pussies. I never realized what a sick fuck my brother was.

I could see that his cock was rock hard now. He was serious about getting off. He got behind my mom and started fucking her. Then he got behind me. I screamed, cried, tried to shove him away, but I couldn’t do anything as my brother pounded me. I heard myself let out soft moans. Was my brother really doing this to me…to Mom?

He went back and forth between us, sliding himself in and out, as we cried for him to stop. Mom tried to remain calm, but I didn’t. I was sweating, exhausted, and I wanted it to end. The worst part was having to watch him fuck Mom, and not being able to do anything about it.

I heard him release a happy sigh, and I knew he had finished. “You feel my warm cum inside you, Mom?” he said with an amused tone. He spread her pussy open with his fingers to watch it drip out. “What the FUCK is wrong with you? Call someone, you asshole,” I blurted out.

“I’ll call someone after I take a shower,” he said. My brother walked off, and Mom and I were left there, still stuck. Mom’s pussy was full of my brother’s disgusting cum.

This clip includes: Payton Hall, Fifi Foxx, Aiden Valentine, mom, brother/sister, son/daughter, mom accidentally drops ring into sink, gets hand stuck trying to get it out, calls for her daughter to come in, daughter gets hand stuck trying to help, call for brother/son, light humping, groping, pussy eating, clit rubbing, food play, handjob, crying, whining, screaming, forced sex, 2 girl fucking, doggystyle, creampie, male domination

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Stuck at His Disposal

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