Little Sister Blackmails You into Fucking Her




One of my regular chores is to do everyone’s laundry in the house. My big brother forgets to take things out of his pockets sometimes, so I have to dig through them to make sure I don’t wash anything by accident.

I picked up another pair of his dirty pants from the laundry basket, dug my hand into them, and felt something weird. What? He had a condom? Well, that wasn’t fair…I didn’t get to go around and have sex. I was barely even able to go out with my friends.

I ran up the stairs to his bedroom. “What the hell is this?” I said, smiling, and holding out the condom in front of his face. He tried to snag it from me, but I yanked back. “It’s mine now. I don’t get to go out and have sex,” I said. Why did he get to do everything?

You know what…I was going to have sex. “You’re going to fuck me,” I said, unbuckling his pants. He freaked out, weirded out by the idea, and tried to shove me, but I wouldn’t let up. I sat on top of him, and rushed to get my clothes off.

“This is happening whether you like it or not,” I said, arguing with him. If he didn’t do it, I’d tell Mom and Dad about the little thing I found in his pocket. I got on top of his cock and slid it in…and it felt as good as I thought it would.

He moaned softly as I bounced on his hard cock. I felt myself tighten up, and I had my first orgasm. “Sis, sis…get off…I’m cumming!” my brother said, panicked. But I didn’t. I let him fill me up, and he started to worry about whether or not he got me pregnant.

To be honest, I wasn’t worried. Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t. All I know is that I got laid, and it felt amazing. Plus, I promised not to tell Mom and Dad about anything.

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Little Sister Blackmails You into Fucking Her

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