The 2 Girl Pie Party




Fifi is the maid to an extremely wealthy, ill-mannered woman. Because Payton is having a huge party, she’s asked Fifi to bake her 48 pies for her guests.

“Can you please not touch those? I worked really hard on them for the party.” Fifi says, catching Payton dipping her fingers into the finished pies. Payton ignores her request, and instead, blows smoke into her face from her cigarette. Fifi is disgusted by her rudeness, but walks off to bring more pies to the table.

When she returns, she catches Payton still picking at the pies, and although she asks nicely for her to stop, Payton continues to do so. Now frustrated, Fifi blurts out, “So, you like tasting pies?” She walks back with a pie in hand, and plows Payton in the face with it, twisting the tin on her face.

Payton laughs, amused at her frustrated maid, but Fifi doesn’t stop. She continues to pie Payton in the face over and over again. Fifi even ends up throwing a few pies on her chest and ass, leaving her into a creamy mess.

In further frustation, and in spite of Payton, Fifi picks up her fancy cigarette and begins smoking it. Thinking she’s taught the rich lady a lesson, she relaxes, and takes drags while Payton brings out some more pies.

“So, have you tried your pies?” Payton sweetly asks. Fifi replies with a “No,” and blows smoke into her face. Payton slams a pie into Fifi’s face, and Fifi is outraged. “I can’t believe you just did that!” Fifi says, but Payton slams her with another.

Payton pies Fifi in the face, chest, and ass, giggling as Fifi gets upset. Now left with the messy pie all over her body, Fifi starts to admire the feel of it. She touches the pie on her body, and then softly gropes Payton’s chest.

The women enjoy each other’s messy bodies, kissing, and then use a toy to pleasure one another.

This clip includes: Payton Hall, Fifi Foxx, 48 pies total, rich woman and maid, 30 to one girl, 18 to another, kissing, tit groping, making out, two girl masturbation, covered in pie, pie in face, twisting pie on face, wiping eyes, nose, and mouth, full body wet & messy, sploshing, humor, silly, cream pies, different flavors, strawberry, coconut, chocolate creme

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The 2 Girl Pie Party