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Mommy’s Special Christmas Present




Mom tries hard…she really does. Ever since Dad left her, she’s been working two jobs, while trying to maintain a decent, close relationship with me. I’m at that age where I understand I can’t be selfish.

So, it didn’t surprise me to see her with a smile on her face, and a small present in her hand, “You know Mommy will always find a way.” I was grateful for the small gesture, especially since I didn’t get to see her as often as I wanted to.

“Go on…open it,” she said. I dug my hand through the golden paper and pulled out a…condom? What? I felt my face flush. “This…is actually for you to put on for me,” her tone had changed into a seductive one. Mom explained that, since she promised to get me something special this year, and she couldn’t afford a present, she was giving me something none of the other boys had ever had.

“How many of the boys you hang out with get this?” she sweetly said. “How many of them even know how to put this on? Exactly.” I felt butterflies fill my stomach. Was Mom really proposing what I thought she was? She pushed me back gently, stood up, and tossed the condom towards me, “And when you’re ready for that, you can put it on.”

She started stripping, and told me that she didn’t get to give me the attention I deserved. “I just want my only boy to be happy,” she said. “You’ll be the only boy in your class who knows what it really feels like to fuck a woman. A real woman.” Mom could tell I was nervous, so she started out slow for me. She wanted me to be comfortable.

I’ll be honest…I was so overwhelmed, so nervous that I forget what else she said. She had her warm mouth about my hard cock, and she was sucking it! She took my hand and put it on her head, and made me guide her up and down on it.

“Do you want Mommy to take these off for you?” she said, shaking her ass in a red thong. “Do you want to see what it looks like?” She giggled, sliding her panties down, and took my hand, and let me touch her “down there.” She moved my hand up and down her body slowly, allowing me to feel her soft skin. My cock stiffened.

She asked if I wanted to stick it in. I felt myself throb. Was I really going to do this with…my mom? She tore the condom open with her teeth, placed it over my cock, and then got on top of me. Just hearing her moan made me want to burst inside of her, but I wanted more. I started thrusting upwards, and Mom loved it.

She told me to get on top of her, and I fucked her hard. Her pussy was so warm, so inviting. After I came, I jerked back, and Mom held up my broken condom. She freaked out, but then looked down to see that my cum was all over her pussy, and not inside. Relieved, she smiled, dipping her finger into the massive load, and then sucked it off her finger. “Merry Christmas.”

This clip includes: Nikki Brooks, POV, mom/son, single mom, working mom who can’t afford to buy son a present, gives him a present no other boy his age has received, dirty talk, teasing, stripping, virtual blowjob, virtual sex, riding, missionary, condom breaks, simulated cum on pussy, Christmas porn, POV sex, cum swallowing, cum play

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Mommy’s Special Christmas Present

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