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3 Starving Giantesses & Only 1 Meal




This video includes sound effects.

“Ugh, I’m so hungry,” a voice says, echoing through the room. “I wish I could eat something…” It appears you have stumbled into the home of a giantess, whom you watch, hiding behind a shoe. She holds her growling stomach until she catches a glimpse of you. “What’s that?” she says, narrowing her eyes.

Terra sneaks up next to you and quickly snatches you up with her hands. “You’re perfect,” she smiles. Noticing you’re just the right size to fit into her mouth, she plans on eating you to satisfy her hunger. As she gets ready to gobble you down, her giant roommates come around the corner, and immediately stop her.

With no money or food in the house, the other giants are starving, and you quickly find yourself in a horrible predicament. “What is that?” the blond says, poking at your tiny body. The girls start fighting over you, insulting one another because they are unable to control their hunger.

“Maybe if I could just have a quick lick,” Fifi says, pushing the other two girls, and coating your body in her saliva. “No, he’s mine!” Terra says, licking you. Once the girls have had a taste, they want more.

The giant girls go back and forth holding and fighting over you. Terrified, you start to shake, and the giants notice your fear. They try to decide if you’d taste better dea.d or alive. Willing to compromise just to get a bite, Nyxon and Fifi decide sharing you might be a better solution.

Disgusted at the idea of you squirming down their throats, two of the giants agree you might be better if squished. Fifi sets you down, still arguing with the other giantess, and they taunt you with their huge feet.

“Oh, my stomach’s grumbling…I’m so hungry,” the blond says, rubbing her empty tummy. While the girls stress over whether you’d taste better alive, you make your getaway. They stomp their feet to stop you from running, and you find yourself stuck in their hands.

“The only place you’re gonna go is down our throats,” Nyxon sweetly says. Fifi picks you up, and the giant girls talk about eating you. They slide their big, wet tongues across your face and body. The giantesses fight, teaming up with one another to guarantee a piece of you.

“He tastes really good…maybe I’ll eat him myself,” Nyxon says, turning on Fifi. The three giant girls shove one another, trying to control where you end up. “I don’t know if I want to swallow you whole, or crunch on you,” Fifi says, chatting her teeth. Deciding you might make for a better meal if you were in pieces and crunched, Fifi sets you back down.

“I’m going to eat your arms first, then your legs, then your little head. That way it seems like there’s more instead of one piece,” Fifi says. The other giants refuse to let her have you, and they cover you in their saliva.

The blond gets her hands back on you, and it is pitch black as she slides you down her throat. “Oh, I can feel him squirming in there,” Fifi says to the other giants, and then proceeds to almost choke as you make your way down. “That tasted so good,” she says, rubbing her bloated belly. “Tell me if you find any more of those tiny, little guys.”

After making good use of your body, Fifi walks off to the bathroom to you out, while the other girls try to figure out how to get food.

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3 Starving Giantesses & Only 1 Meal