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The Cocktail Waitress




Based on a true story.

After getting into some legal trouble, Whitney decides that she needs to pick up some fast cash. Although not particularly fond of the idea, she goes to a local stripclub that she heard is hiring for attractive cocktail waitresses. 

Whitney enters the manager’s office and begins explaining her situation. “I got a DUI, so I have a lot of law fees to pay. I’m currently fighting to get my driver’s license back,” she tells him. She assures the manager that she fully intends to take the job seriously, and that she will make an excellent waitress. 

“You know that you’ll be working around nudity, right? Is that something you’re comfortable with?” the manager asks her. Whitney tells him that she has no problem with it, but her interest is in the waitress job, as that doesn’t require any nudity.  

Unfortunately for Whitney, the waitress jobs have been filled. However, the manager does inform her that they do have plenty of positions available for strippers. “Oh no, no, no, no,” Whitney says in a nervous tone. 

“You know that strippers make better money than the cocktail waitresses,” the manager says. “You could pay it off real fast.” Whitney tries to plead with him, but no matter what she says, she is unable to get the waitress job. 

The manager convinces her that she’d make a good stripper, and if she’s comfortable with being naked, she’ll make good money. “I’m not 100% sure about this. I’m kind of uncomfortable, honestly…” Whitney nervously says. 

With the manager’s persistance, and a desperate need for money, Whitney finds herself slowly stripping layer after layer until she’s completely naked. But just so Whitney understands what she is getting herself into, the manager makes her dance for him and has her show off everything

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The Cocktail Waitress