Impregnate Me




Your girlfriend, Nadia, sweetly smiles at you, “I’m glad you’re home, I’ve missed you.” She tells you that she wants to take things to the next level, and then shyly says, “I want you to put a baby in me.”

Nadia tells you that she wants to start a family with you, and then seductively says, “Fill me with your seed. Fill me all the way up so I get a nice, big belly.” Her hands circle her big tits, “And make these big tits even bigger, and full of milk.”

She slides her panties down and spreads her pussy, “Right in here. Just lie back and give me what I want.” You lie back, your cock already hard, and she gets on top of you. Nadia rides your cock, “I’m going to fuck all that baby juice out of you.” As she bounces on you, she talks about impregnation.

After a few minutes, she lies on her back, and tells you to make sure to explode deep inside of her. You fuck her until you finally erupt, and she raises her legs, pushing the cum even further inside with her fingers. “I’m so excited,” she says.

After four weeks and a missed period, Nadia decides to take a pregnancy test. “I really hope we’re pregnant,” she excitedly says. She picks up the test and is thrilled to see that it’s positive. “Look, look! You did it! You put a baby in me. We’re going to be a family!”

This clip includes: Nadia White, girlfriend wants to be impregnated, impregnation talk, virtual sex, POV, riding, cowgirl, missionary, simulated cumshot, pregnancy test, pregnant, breeding


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Impregnate Me

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