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Blackmailed by the Boss


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family: arial, sans-serif;font-size: small”>Alexis‘ boss stops by for a visit after work. “Sorry for showing up to your house like this,” he explains, “but I had something very important to discuss with you.” He shows her a set of files that prove 4000 dollars have been taken from the company’s tax accounts.
“Do you know what happened to that money?” he asks. Alexis denies knowing anything, so her boss continues, “Weird, because um…when I looked up the account number, it was actually listed as your account.”
Alexis lets out a soft sigh and covers her face with her hand. “You know, I could call the cops,” he sternly says. Surprised that she actually got caught, Alexis explains how she needed the money for her high rent, amongst other expensive bills.
“Do you wanna keep your job?” he asks, “Because I could fire you over this.” Alexis begs to keep her job, and her boss agrees, under the circumstance that she works out a deal with him.
“Well, you took something from me, so I’m going to take something from you,” he explains. “I’m going to take your dignity.” He commands her to stand up, and then to take her shirt off. “Are you serious? You want me to take my shirt off?” she says, hesitant and confused. He threatens her with the cops again, and she nervously takes it off.
Her boss demands her to take one piece after another, and she attempts to cover her exposed body with her hands, arms, and the files. “This is, like, sexual harassment,” she says with an attitude. “Well, that’s grand theft,” he snaps back at her, pointing at the files. “An eye for an eye.”
He blackmails her, making her undress until she is completely naked, humiliated, and embarrassed. “You’re a pervert,” she says, awkwardly trying to cover her naked body. Satisfied at her utter discomfort, he takes the clothes and leaves her house. “I guess I’ll see you in the office on Monday, right?”
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Blackmailed by the Boss