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Controlling the Babysitter




Whenever Mom leaves, she sticks me with a babysitter. I’m way too old for it, but honestly, I can’t complain. At least my babysitter is hot.
I got brave the other day. I had been thinking about hitting on her for a while now, but this time, I was actually going to do it. I scooted towards her, and then rubbed her leg. After all, Mom wasn’t home…maybe we could have some fun.
Terra smacked my hand, “Get your hands off of me.” What? Oh, come on. She was utterly appalled that I had even tried, and made me feel like I was the most disgusting thing on Earth.
Fine, whatever. If she didn’t want to play the nice way, I’d find another way. I went into my room, grabbed my magic control, and came back into the living room.
“Oh, you’re back?” she said in an aggravated tone. “Why don’t you go and do your homework or something?” She was weirded out by my little attempt to hit on her. “You know, I had something else in mind actually,” I said to her.
Her face had a look of confusion as I held the control in my hand. Well, let’s give this bad boy a spin. I hit a button. PAUSE. She stared straight ahead and couldn’t move from her position. Hm…how about…STRIP.
Without control, she mindlessly began removing piece by piece off. Once she was exposed, she started coming out of the trance, confused, and then screamed once she saw she was naked. She tried to cover herself up with her hands. PAUSE.
Terra was completely frozen! She had unblinking, wide eyes, and she wasn’t moving. PLAY. She started to pick up her clothes, “Aiden, how did this happen?… I am so sorry, I did not mean to do that.” BIMBO.
Her whole personality changed. “Look at my big titties!” she said, jumping up and down, making her tits bounce. “It’s so much fun!” She encouraged me to get on the bed and jump with her. This was kinda hot.
Hm…PLAY WITH TITS. She giggled, wrapping her hands around her huge tits, and then pinched her nipples. I saw her confused face as she started to come out of the trance. “Oh my god! Aiden, are you doing this to me!?”
Terra tried to take the control from me, attempting to cover herself up at the same time. PAUSE. UNPAUSE. SHAKE ASS.
She stood there shaking her ass until I hit the next command. DIRTY TALK. Her voice changed into a seductive tone, “I wanna see that big, throbbing cock of yours.” I had never heard her say such horrible, naughty things.
She rambled on and on until the trance started to wear off on her. “What the fuck!?” she screamed. “What is going on!?” She covered her tits with her arms. BIMBO.
Nah, fuck it. I was going to have some fun. SLOW MOTION. Her speech dragged out slowly, and her movements were half the speed. REGULAR SPEED.
Terra continued to act like a bimbo, bouncing up and down. “We can jump naked together!” Wonder if I can make her…CRAWL LIKE A DOG. She got on all fours, and started crawling and barking like a dog. She pounced on the floor, trying to play with me.
Man, I was going to have a lot of fun with this thing until Mom got home. PLAY WITH TITS. She groped herself, squeezing her huge tits together. Hm…PAUSE. I think I’ll leave her like that–frozen, until Mom comes back.
This clip includes: Terra Mizu, Aiden Valentine, babysitter, Aiden makes a move on his older babysitter, gets rejected, gets magic remote control, magic control, pushes buttons for different modes, trance, falling in and out of trance, mindless, stripping, bimbo, tit play, tit groping/bouncing, pet play, pause/unpause, freeze/unfreeze, wide eyes, unblinking, ass shaking, dirty talk, slow motion, humor, embarrassed naked female, confusion, big tits, giggling, sound effects

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Controlling the Babysitter

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