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Parental Supervision




As a parent, it is my responsibility to make sure my little girl isn’t doing anything inappropriate. While her father and I searched her room, we came across her diary. We read everything. Fortunately enough, she hadn’t been using any illegal substances, but she was performing a numerous of sexual acts with boys.

Krystal needed a talk. Of course she was upset when we told her we read her diary, but this was our house, and if she lived underneath it, we’d have to know everything she did. I didn’t know what to do. I felt like she was going to try and sneak out if I grounded her, and god knows who she’d be sucking off next!

She needed a proper punishment. If she was going to act like a slut, we were going to treat her like one. Her father sternly said, “Yeah, I want you to realize what road you’re going down right now. You wanna act like a slut, then we’re going to show you what a slut acts like.” He demanded her to take off her shirt, yanking at it.

She tried to fight it, “No, Dad!” We stand our ground. If she didn’t do it, she’d be grounded, and I’d make DAMN SURE she never saw another boy again. She was reluctant, covering herself up as she did, but she finally slid her shirt off.

She complained that it was embarrassing, that it was wrong and weird, but it just didn’t seem to be working. Her father demanded her bra next. If she was going to continue to act this way, we weren’t going to support her, and that meant no more allowance, no more new clothes. He unfastened it, and forced it off her body.

Krystal kept up with the attitude, so we continued to force one piece after another off of her body until she was completely humiliated. She tried to fight for her clothing, but her father pulled it away. “She’s still wearing panties. I didn’t even think she’d have any on to be honest.”

Were we being too hard on her? She had to be taught a lesson. When she got completely naked, we made her spin around. She whined, cried, and held her hands in front of her private areas. But we weren’t done. We made her expose herself completely to us. I’ve never seen her so embarrassed. She covered her face in humiliation. I don’t think we’ll be having an issue with that again.

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Parental Supervision

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