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How I Became Her




I suppose you could say I’m awkward. I’ve got a sweet voice, dorky glasses, and a huge collection of Batman toys. Don’t get me started on my obsession with Harley Quinn. I’m exactly the way you would perceive me, I’m sure. Everyone knows the nerdy girl who reads comics and has stuffed plushies of her favorite cartoons. That’s me. 

There’s another other side of me, though. A side that goes to bars, picks up random guys, and sleeps with them. Of course my dorky personality isn’t ideal to them, but with a little bit of help, I transform into this…this thing

After a few drops on my tongue, my heart starts to beat fast, and my body is filled with this euphoria. It’s warm, pleasant, and a bit overwhelming. It makes me want to touch myself, and it has a special way of making me feel powerful and sexual.

It started off innocently enough, a way to help me talk with attractive men, and then it became an addiction. I didn’t always have to be her…only when I needed to be.

This clip includes: Miss Quin, nerdy girl who takes a potion to become a sex fiend to sleep with random men, seduction, euphoria, transformation, virtual handjob, virtual blowjob, extended virtual sex, riding, doggystyle, missionary, sound effects


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How I Became Her

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