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Pet or Snack?




“Fuck, I dropped my earring, and I have no idea where it went,” Fifi’s panicked voice echos as she paces back and forth. She kneels down and runs her massive hands underneath the couch, almost touching you with her fingers. “Have you seen it? It’s a little diamond,” she asks her friends. 

Living in a house full of giant women, you’ve made sure to make a secret, safe place for yourself underneath their couch. Unfortunately, while dodging Fifi’s big fingers, you’ve accidentally exposed yourself. 

“What is that under there?” Qandisa asks, and suddenly now you’re in front of five beautiful giantesses. “It’s so tiny, it’s so cute,” Fifi squeals. “Someone get him!” 

“Oh my god, look at how adorable you are. Hi!” Terra smiles sweetly at you. She picks you up and shows you off to the rest of the group. The giant women quickly discover that you’re a tiny person and start plotting what to do with you next. 

“He looks kinda tasty,” Valora says, licking her lips. “What do you mean?” Terra asks confused. The girls start arguing, and you come to realize that two of the giantesses want you as their cute pet, while the other three want to eat you. 

They fight over you, grabbing you from one another, and taunt you with their pearly white, massive teeth. Fifi and Terra attempt to protect you, telling you to get into their jar, but Qandisa, Quin, and Valora prevent that from happening. 

“Snack. That’s what we’re naming you!” Valora smiles. After smelling, licking, tasting, and taunting you, the three giantesses get the upper hand, and Qandisa slides you down her huge throat. She rubs her tummy as the other girls swarm around her. “What does he feel like?” Quin asks excitedly.

“Is he fighting?” Valora asks. The giantesses poke at Qandisa’s belly, feeling your little body squirm, and then try to listen for you. “Spit him back out, or thr0w him up or something!” Fifi demands. Unfortunately for Terra, Fifi, and you, Qandisa’s only plan is to digest you. 

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Pet or Snack?