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The Valentine’s Day Body Swap – Akira Shell and Aiden Valentine




It was Valentine’s Day, so I thought I’d have a little fun with my sister…as my sister. I had bought a cheap post card, scribbled on a generic “Happy Valentine’s Day,” and then laid down a piece of candy on it that said “Eat me.”

Simple and easy. A few hours later, she walked in, fell onto the bed, and noticed the card on the sheets. Her mood changed as she saw that she had a “secret admirer,” and she started smiling at the half-assed card.

“Ooooo, I’ve got some pervy secret admirer that snuck into my room,” she said as she unwrapped the candy. Her tongue wrapped around the yellow square, and then she placed it into her mouth. After a few seconds, she started getting drowsy, her vision blurry, and then she face-planted the bed.

A few hours later, I woke up. My eyes took a minute to adjust, but when I looked down, I saw my sister’s body. It worked! Oh, I bet she was pissed. “Hey, sis!” I hollered out. “I’m in your body.”

I didn’t waste any time. My new hands wrapped around her perfect tits. I pinched her nipples, and it surprisingly felt…good. I’d never be able to keep my hands off of these things if I had them. “Hey, sis…you got some nice tits!” I yelled out.

She was stuck in my dumb, boring, boy body while I was having a field day with hers. My hands ran up her soft skin, and I just smiled in pleasure. Everything felt amazing.

And what was this thing on my tongue? That was different. She had some sort of tongue ring…a bar that ran through her tongue. How did she eat with this? How did she even suck dick with this thing?

And her face…it was so much smaller. I wondered if she had a gag reflex. I jammed my fingers down her throat and it caused me to gag. Nope…definitely can’t deepthroat. “You’re useless…you can’t even deepthroat!” I yelled out.

Even her vision was different. I lifted up her glasses from her face, and it was all blurry. Blind as a bat. And boy, was she flexible! I could actually get a leg over her head.

I felt everything. Her thighs, ass…and then her pussy. That was really sensitive. It was overwhelming, and every time I touched it, I flinched. I wondered what it felt like to cum…

I just don’t think sis will be too pleased when she wakes up. Heh.

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The Valentine’s Day Body Swap – Akira Shell and Aiden Valentine


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