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Impregnate ME!: Two Sisters Fight over Your Cum




Your girlfriend, Fifi, shyly smiles at you, “So, what do you want to do tonight? Go see a movie?” You two have been dating for a while now, and she still hasn’t put out for you. Because she’s a virgin, you’ve been taking things slow, but honestly, you’ve been pent up.

She offers to get you a drink, and when she leaves, her sister knocks on the bedroom door. “Hey, little sis…oh, hey!” Camille smiles at you. “What’s going on? Do you know where my sister is?” You shake your head no, and instead of leaving the room, Camille decides to flirt with you.

“You know…you’re really cute, why are you with my sister?” she says. “You could be with someone like…me.” Camille is completely different from your girlfriend. She’s seductive, sexy, tattooed…and she wants your cock.

Well aware that her sister isn’t as experienced as her, Camille starts teasing you with her tits. “Look at your cock, it’s so hard…” she smiles. She invites you to stick it inside of her, and as you begin fucking her, your girlfriend walks back in.

“Camille! OH MY GOD, what are you doing!?” she says looking at her sister and then at you. Unsure what to do, you continue fucking Camille, and your girlfriend pulls you over to her. “I-I can do that kind of stuff, too. I…I want your cum,” she says awkwardly.

Camille teases her, asking if she even knows how to make a cock hard, but Fifi ignores her, and tells you to put it inside of her. You begin fucking her, and soon enough, the sisters are fighting over your cum.

They tell you that they want you to fill them up with your seed, and to make them pregnant. After being pulled back and forth, you’re ready to explode. You burst inside of Camille, who then happily brags to her sister, and Fifi pouts, demanding you impregnate her next.

This clip includes: Camille Black, Fifi Foxx, sweet girlfriend, seductive sister who tempts you, 2 sisters fighting over you cum, dirty talk, impregnation talk, virtual sex, missionary, breeding, pregnant, POV

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Impregnate ME!: Two Sisters Fight over Your Cum

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