Brother Blackmails Sister


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It’s early in the morning when you wake up to your sister, Bella, searching through your dad’s wallet. You watch as she slides one of his credit cards into her pocket and leaves the room.

Completely unaware that you’ve seen her, she smiles when she comes back from a fun day of spending Dad’s money. When you bring it up, she denies it, but when you threaten to tell Dad, her expression changes.

“You really actually saw me?” she asks with a concerned look on her face. Eager to keep you quiet, she insists that she do something to help you forget that she has his credit card at all.

You tell her to take her shirt off to see her nice, big tits, but she refuses. With another threat to tell Dad, she slowly and hesitantly takes her shirt and bra off. She covers herself, disgusted and horrified that her own brother would make her expose herself.

Not quite satisfied, you tell her to ride your cock, and she cusses you out. “I’m not fucking doing that,” she replies, but you know you have the upper hand. When she starts removing her pants, the credit card slides out, and you quickly snag it. You taunt her with it, and if she wants it back, she’ll have no choice but to do what you say.

This clip includes: Bella Ink, Aiden Valentine, POV, brother/sister, brother sees sister stealing Dad’s credit card, blackmails her, disgusted and horrified sister, forced stripping, big tits, virtual sex, riding, cowgirl, missionary, virtual creampie

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Brother Blackmails Sister

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