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A Special Formula for Massive Tits


This video includes sound effects for a more realistic experience. Amazing acting!

In a desperate attempt to get bigger boobs, Bella has gone to the doctor to pick up a special formula. Instructed to only use a drop a day, she unscrews the lid and releases a small amount of the liquid onto her tongue.

“I mean, that’s just only one little drop,” Bella says to herself. “I didn’t even taste it. That’s probably not even going to do anything to me.” She decides that a few more drops couldn’t possibly hurt, “What’s gonna happen? Bigger boobs?”

After releasing several more drops onto her tongue, she fancies the flavor, and downs the rest of the bottle. “Maybe I shouldn’t have done that,” she smiles. “Let’s see if it starts working the magic.”

A few seconds later, a warming and overwhelming sensation takes over her body. She clutches at her neck and chest, “I shouldn’t have drunk that.” Her chest grows slightly and she looks down in amazement.

Unfortunately for her, it doesn’t stop. Her growing chest pushes her top down, and she panics as it expands. “Oh my god, that’s hurting!” she says grunting in pain. Her massive tits burst through her shirt, “They’re so big, and they’re so beautiful.”

“Stop growing!” Bella says as she watches them inflate to an enormous size. “I don’t want them that big!” She touches her sensitive, gigantic tits and cries out in horror. Panicked that they may never stop growing, she runs for her phone to call her doctor.

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A Special Formula for Massive Tits

Bella Ink