Dad’s Sex Punishment




“Fuck, what did you get on your report card?” Fifi asks her best friend, Mina. Both girls have been failing all of their classes, and Fifi is worried that the school has called her dad about it.

When Fifi hears a loud, hard knock at the door, she panics and tells Mina to hide. Mina runs into a nearby closet, slides the door, and watches through a crack.

“Fifi, I heard you got your report card,” Dad says as he walks into her room. Before Fifi gives up her report card, she makes excuses for her poor grades. Unfortunately for her, Dad knows how bad of a student she really is, and he tries to come up with a fair and humiliating punishment to push her to get her grades up.

Although she apologizes, he commands her to get on her knees to beg and say she’s sorry. “Are you fucking kidding me?” she says in a pissed-off tone, but kneels down before her dad.

“I’m sorry, Daddy, for getting an F,” Fifi says softly. Not convinced, he makes her say it over and over, and eventually she starts to get an attitude. “You know what, Daddy’s gonna make you sorry,” he says to her. “I’m going to make you do something that you obviously deserve.”

He unzips his pants and forces her towards his cock. “Touch it, touch it,” he demands. Disgusted, Fifi wraps her hand around Dad’s shaft. “Show Daddy how sorry you are,” he says to her. Fifi reluctantly puts his cock into her mouth and begins sucking it as her horrified friend watches from the closet.

“This isn’t fair. I don’t want to,” she whines pulling back. Dad grabs her by the ear and starts face-fucking her, and when she continues to dish out an attitude, he throws her onto the bed.

He smacks her ass, pushes her panties down, and rubs and fingers her tight, virgin pussy. “I’m sorry!” she cries, but he’s still not convinced. He forces his hard cock inside of her, and she screams in pain.

“Take it!” Dad says as she cries. He even threatens to “take care” of her friend, Mina, if he finds out that she’s the one causing the horrible grades. He chokes her, threatening her if she tells Mom, and once he’s satisfied, erupts all over her ass. Fifi cries as he leaves the room, and her friend, Mina, who has watched the whole ordeal, carefully sneaks out.

This clip includes: Fifi Foxx, dad/daughter, father, daughter is failing classes, friend hides and watches from inside closet, dad punishes daughter by making her apologize on her knees, daughter gets an attitude, dad forces her to touch his cock, handjob, blowjob, face-fucking, crying, dad forces daughter’s panties down, clit rubbing, fingering, fucking, doggystyle, choking, cum on ass, virgin


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Dad’s Sex Punishment

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