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Sister Stripped and Embarrassed




I watched as my little sister rummaged through my black bag and nightstand drawers. I don’t know what exactly she was looking for (probably money), but after I got bored watching her, I decided to “catch” her in the act.

“What are you doing? Are you stealing my stuff?” I asked in a pissed-off tone. Even though I knew she didn’t get a chance to take anything, I decided to play it off as if she had. I pulled out my expensive cigarettes, counted them, and acted as if she had stolen a few.

“I didn’t steal anything, I swear,” she said nervously. I figured she needed to be taught a little lesson so she didn’t ever go through my stuff again. I told her to strip down to prove she hadn’t stolen anything, but she refused, so I thought I’d give her some help.

I started pulling clothes off of her as she fought to keep them on. I pretended to look through her clothes thoroughly to make sure nothing was in them. She was humiliated, squirming and fidgeting to cover her exposed body parts, and I couldn’t help but laugh. Once she was fully nude, mortified and embarrassed, I told her to get out.


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Sister Stripped and Embarrassed