An Orgasm a Day Keeps the Doctor Away




In an attempt to treat her stress, Fifi has decided to go to Dr. Lei for some unconventional therapy. When Dr. Lei takes Fifi back into her room, she is baffled to see a bed with four restraints.

Dr. Lei smiles, explaining to her patient that, with the help of her little device, she will experience an orgasm or a number of orgasms that will help release her stress. She continues to explain that since women get absorbed into such busy lives, they neglect to give themselves orgasms that help with daily frustrations.

Fifi undresses, and after Dr. Lei has restrained her, she takes out the Hitachi. Because Fifi may get overly excited, Dr. Lei has taken precautions, protecting herself and her patient from any flailing limbs during the procedure.

The doctor begins rubbing the Hitachi slowly over her patient’s body, allowing the vibrations to relax her. She brings it down to her pussy, and moves it up and down before focusing on her clit. Fifi moans, squirming and fidgeting from the vibrations. Satisfied, Dr. Lei applies more pressure, and Fifi orgasms.

Happy with the successful procedure, Dr. Lei tells Fifi to make another appointment, and Fifi agrees, her face still smiling from the intense orgasm.

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An Orgasm a Day Keeps the Doctor Away