The Perverted Couple


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In a desperate attempt to find a good paying job, Alex has answered a babysitting ad posted by a married couple. Although she hasn’t had a job for a year, she is hopeful that her babysitting experience will be enough to get the gig. 

Unfortunately for Alex, the odd, married couple can hear the desperation in her voice and decide to take advantage of it – to prey upon it. Satisfying their own perverted fantasies, they start “testing” how badly the young girl wants the job. 

“I need to know that she really wants to work for us – dedication’s really important,” Fifi tells her husband. Alex is hesitant when the couple tells her to take off her shirt, and she nervously covers up.  

“Look who’s shy,” Aiden says watching the poor girl wrap her arms around her chest. But unfortunately for Alex, the couple doesn’t stop there. “One little thing,” becomes one piece of clothing after another, and Alex is mortified. 

When Alex is hesitant, the couple pressures her until she exposes herself again. To make matters worse for her, they tell her to shake her ass, and even go as far as to make her give a lap dance. 

Alex begs for the job, but still deciding on the matter, the couple makes her sit naked in front of them as they talk to her. 

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The Perverted Couple