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The Magic Remote




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Aiden (POV) happily walks over to his sister, Fifi, and her best friend, Nyxon, complaining about the “valley girls” at their school. Fifi’s new comic book came in the mail and that is good enough reason for Aiden as any to interrupt their conversation.
He messes with his sister, pulling back her comic book before she can grab it, and then shows off his new magic remote control. “Wanna see what it does?” he asks the two girls. 
Fifi responds with a snobby “No,” and the two girls continue their conversation, ignoring Aiden as he stands in front of them and waves his control. “Go away, please,” Fifi sighs, but Aiden is insistant on testing it out.
While Fifi is talking, he hits the VALLEY GIRL mode, and Fifi starts talking like a stuck-up, rich bitch! Completely unaware, Nyxon has to tell her friend what’s going on, “Why are you talking like that!?” 
Fifi looks at her brother, “Did you do something?” He points the control at Nyxon, presses the VALLEY GIRL mode, and she starts doing the same thing. “Now you’re doing it!” Fifi says gasping.
Fifi tries to take the control from her laughing brother, but he pulls back and presses the DANCE mode. “Just don’t press any buttons,” Fifi says as she swings her hips from side to side. Nyxon, once again, has to point it out to Fifi, and Fifi doesn’t believe her until she sees her body moving involuntary. 
Aiden continues to switch from mode to mode – watching the girls panic as they go mute (unable to speak), into slow motion, twerk, grab their tits, and grope one another. He even has them do ridiculous things such as jump on the family couch while they are unaware they are doing it.
They scream at him to stop – embarrassed, humiliated, and mortified – but he only presses another button to watch them do another mindless task. They attempt to cover themselves and each other, but with one press, they are quickly exposed again. 
He freezes them into place, posing their bodies, and then unfreezes them to watch them scream in terror at their naked bodies. As they attempt to get dressed, Aiden freezes them again, leaving them helplessly frozen in place.
This clip includes: Nyxon, Fifi Foxx, POV, brother/sister, sister’s friend, magic remote control, different modes, talk like a valley girl, dance, striptease, slow motion, mute (unable to speak), regular speed, grab tits, grope tits, twerk, turn around, jump on couch, freeze, unfreeze, embarrassed, humiliated, mortified, involuntary, male controlling females, girls are unable to control their actions, posing and manipulating limbs, frozen, embarrassed naked female, forced stripping, sound effects, POV

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The Magic Remote

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