The Frozen Session




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“Let’s just get this over with,” Fifi tells her husband as they step into the therapist’s office. Their marriage has been rocky ever since Fifi has been experiencing mysterious “unique” issues, and in a desperate attempt to get answers, Fifi has insisted they get therapy.

Fifi is embarrassed as she explains to the therapist that she’s found herself forgetting fragments of time, and sometimes feels as if her clothes disappear. “It’s so weird trying to explain it to people,” Fifi sighs.

Although Aiden has been behind the mischief, he plays stupid throughout the session as if he hasn’t a clue what his wife is saying. “I feel like I’m going insane,” she tells the therapist.

Fifi pouts in frustration, and Aiden waves his hand slowly in front of her face, freezing her into place. “Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa – what the fuck did you just do?” the therapist asks looking at Aiden.

She waves her hands in front of Fifi, but Fifi is completely frozen, wide-eyed and stiff. “See, she’s doing it again,” Aiden says. The therapist quickly comes to the conclusion that HE must have done something to make her this way.

The therapist questions her own sanity, and Aiden waves his hand in front of her face. Her eyes lock into place, and just like Fifi, she remains frozen. Aiden begins moving and posing their bodies, and then waves his hand in front of his wife to unfreeze her.

“See…see it happened again. I’m undressed,” Fifi says to the therapist. “Look.” She tries to figure out what’s wrong with the therapist, shifting her head, but the therapist doesn’t respond. Fifi looks over to her husband, “Did you do something? It’s you, isn’t it?”

Fifi demands to know what happened, but her husband continues to lie, and then decides to freeze her again. He takes turns between the two ladies, freezing and unfreezing them, and watches as they scream when they notice they’ve been undressed.

After a couple more rounds of being frozen and unfrozen, the two women discover it is Aiden, after all, that has been causing the chaos. Although they continue to scream, demanding him to stop, he just waves his hand in front of their face, and they are helpless in their frozen state.

He continues to pose, undress, manipulate, and grope them, and even has them touch one another. “I’m so sorry,” Fifi blurts out seeing her hand on the therapist’s chest. Aiden even has fun with them, shifting their heads up, down, to the side, and shoves them to watch them fall stiff onto the couch.

He decides to unfreeze them together, and as they threaten him, his wife even claiming she’ll get a divorce, he freezes them again. “Well, it’s a good thing you guys won’t remember this,” he tells them walking away, leaving them in their frozen state.

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The Frozen Session